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Predictions for the Upcoming Must-See Films

Patrick Kenney

In the world of movies, 2015 was the year of the franchise reboot (Jurassic World, Mad Max: Fury Road and Star Wars: The Force Awakens). This year looks to unfold as the year of the comic book movie, one where an old friend, Marvel, continues its reign of the book office and where an ever-growing movie franchise from DC looks to take Marvel’s throne. Below are a list of what I feel will be the best comic book movies of 2016.


Captain America: Civil War (release date: May 16)


By now, Marvel is like an old friend to comic book moviegoers, but it may be starting to over stay its welcome. Never the less, Marvel movies are fantastic and always seem to captivate audiences around the world. Captain America: Civil War will not be any different. With a story that focuses on Captain America trying to clear his friend’s, Buck Barnes (a.k.a the Winter Soldier), name and Iron Man opposing him, this ‘mini’ Avengers movie will have everything we could ask for from the Marvel universe. Robert Downey Jr. versus Chris Evan, I mean what more could any fan boy ask for right? Plus the introduction of Black Panther will bring the first black superhero to the big screen (the Oscars could sure learn a few lessons from Marvel). Overall, although I do want to see some new faces on the screen, Captain America will continue the never-ending success for Marvel and Disney.


Prediction: 3.5 out of 5 stars


X-Men Apocalypse (release date: May 27)


Speaking of fresh new faces, let’s watch the X-Men again! Much like Disney, Fox loves pumping out X-Men movies since it seems to be the only movie franchise they can do no wrong with (watch any Fantastic Four movie and you will know what I mean). Continuing where X-Men: Days of Future Past left off, we find Dr. X and everyone else facing off against their toughest foe yet, Apocalypse. Director Bryan Singer really puts his heart and soul into every X-Men movie, and for the most part, based on their past success, I have no reason to believe this one won’t be just as successful. My only problem with X-Men is the same problem I have with any Disney-based Marvel movie, I just want to see new faces and new ideas on the screen.


Prediction: 4 out 5 stars


Suicide Squad (release date: August 5)


Finally, DC has broken onto the scene (and not just with a Superman or Batman movie even though that is happening too). What will DC bring to the plate that Marvel has not yet already taken? Two things. One, a whole new cast of characters that differ so much from Marvel’s current roster of super heroes. Two, the same dark, brooding tone that Man of Steel had looks to be the undertone to the whole DC movie universe. Will there be funny parts? Yes. Will the dark element overshadow the story? No. This new movie universe that DC is creating is a complete 180 degrees from Marvel’s. DC’s universe is messed up, and it has major problems. And what better way to introduce a messed up universe than with a movie centered on villains who hunt down other villains! This movie even involves the Joker, which we haven’t seen on the big screen since Heath Ledger died. Suicide Squad will certainly be a fun and entertaining story to fit right into the new DC movie universe.


Prediction: 4.5 out of 5 stars


Deadpool (release date: February 12)


I mentioned Fox screwing up other comic book franchises before, however, all signs seem to point to Deadpool being a success. In what I think will be the dark horse movie of the year, Deadpool is an antihero who operates under his own rules. DC may have their Suicide Squad, but there is only one Deadpool. With Ryan Reynolds taking the spotlight as the titular character, Deadpool (which will be rated R) will bring the blood, gore, violence and naughtiness that could help rejuvenate fan interest in Marvel (if that is even possible). The best part about Deadpool though is that he constantly breaks the fourth wall, so expect lots of jokes poking fun of Reynolds old movies. The audience and maybe even Marvel.


Prediction: 4.5 out of 5 stars


Batman V. Superman (release date: March 25)


Yes, we have all seen a Batman movie before, and yes, we have all seen a Superman movie before. But never have they once stepped foot on the same big screen together. What more could fans ask for? The two heroes that every child wants to be are finally meeting, and it is going to be epic. Now, it will be interesting to see how director Zach Snyder will pit these two up against each other, and for how long because we all know this is just a prequel to the likes of the Justice League. There has been some harsh criticism about the trailers and such, but despite all of that, fans and non-fans will pile into the theaters to see this movie unfold. The movie’s success will make or break the DC movie universe, and I’m guessing it will succeed beyond anyone’s imagining. On top of Batman and Superman, Snyder has decided to give audiences the first female super hero on the big screen, Wonder Woman (sorry Black Widow, but you don’t count). Some key things to look out for: Lex Luther’s (played by Jessie Eisinberg) development, a possible third bad guy and the other members of the justice league (Cyborg, Aquaman, Flash and Green Lantern).


Prediction: 4 out of 5 stars

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