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‘Prez, signing off’: Ari Susi says goodbye to the Class of 2022

By Ari Susi

Move in day, 2018.

My dad had waved me over as I was trying to unload his pickup truck while he does what he does best– talk. “Ari. Ari. Meet Stephen and Bobby, they’re the sophomore and junior class presidents, you’ll be with them and they’ll take care of you.” At the time my only focus was how I was going to unpack my entire life into that tiny Gulick room and just nodded and agreed. What I didn’t know was he was right. Four years have gone by and now it’s time to pack up that same pickup truck one last time, but this time with hundreds of memories and leaving behind a piece of my heart on Alden Street.

Springfield College is the home I never knew I needed. From being the SGA President, Class of 2022 President, Women’s Basketball Manager, and an NSO leader, immersing myself in the culture of this campus has made my experience unforgettable. I’ve met the most amazing friends and mentors, and would be remiss if I didn’t say thank you Annie Warchol, Coach Graves, and Chris Hakala for absolutely everything, you’ve helped shape me into the leader and person I am today.

I’m a strong believer in gratitude so along with those thank yous, I have a few more. Thank you to the Posse for bringing me in with open arms and your unconditional love. Thank you to my NSO family for being the most supportive and friendly humans I’ve ever known. Thank you to SGA and the student body for letting me serve as the SGA President and running with my “Build the Bridge” idea. And, thank you to the Class of 2022 for allowing me to be your president.

As I reflect back on my time here at Springfield, the opportunities and culture is what separates us from every other institution. I hope you all take every opportunity that Springfield College (or wherever else in the world) has to offer you and you run with it. Take chances, get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and keep holding the door for the person behind you.

Thank you Springfield College for the ride in the little red wagon.

Prez, signing off.

Photo Courtesy Ari Susi

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