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Pride wrestling prepares for major postseason tournaments

Jack Margaros
Staff Writer

Wrestling season at Springfield College is slowly coming to a close, with the Pride set to participate in three major tournaments over the next couple of weeks.

The last tournament to round out the regular season, NEWA Futures, comes this Sunday. After that, the team will go into intense preparation for the postseason, starting with the Northeast Regional Championships. For those that make it past that, an even bigger challenge awaits at the National Championships.

“Our goal is to get as many people to continue moving on deep into the tournament, and wrestle as far into the tournament as possible,” said head coach Jason Holder.

The postseason is a whole different animal compared to the regular season, but Holder is optimistic that he will have several players enjoy success at these events.

“We have a lot of promising freshmen and sophomores. We have a lot of guys that can do some great things. Different guys that are starting to roll.”

Sophomore Joe Fusco has been rolling the entire season. He leads the team in wins and pins. Recently, he outmatched the No. 2 wrestler in the New England region, Austin Shrewsbury of WPI, to a 5-2 decision. He is one player that has a huge opportunity to establish himself as a premier wrestler in the country throughout the postseason.

With that being said, Holder believes that the team overall is only a small step away from making a real impact in the postseason.

“We are getting there. We are making little adjustments. We just came off a pretty tough loss to WPI. You look at those matches, and there were some that could have gone either way.”

Looking back on how this season has gone so far, the Pride had their share of setbacks, but also several high points.

“This year, it is what it is. There is always ups and downs. We had some great wins and some really devastating losses and that’s part of the sport. We have work to do as a program and as a team to continue getting better,” said Holder.

This rollercoaster season will only benefit Springfield. They have the pieces to go deep and put themselves in a great position to be successful. It is just matter of which team shows up. Expect for an abundance of players to make noise at the regional and national stage.

“It is in the cards. [The players] have to go out there and take it,” said Holder.

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