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Psychics Read the Minds of Springfield College Students

Alison Izzi
Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Patrick Kenney.
Photo courtesy of Patrick Kenney.

Have you ever wanted to know something new about yourself?

Friday October 30, five different psychics posted themselves in the Flynn Campus Union, each with a winding line of curious students waiting to be read. The group included readings of palms, tarot cards, angel cards, moon sign astrology and Venus, offering a variety of insight. For someone like myself, the whole concept of the future, situations and personality being extracted from a series of objects is difficult to put faith in. Others create a foundation for making decisions or working through personal struggle by what shows up on the table in front of them.

Tateana Marulanda, a Springfield College freshman and my company on this journey into the supernatural, insisted we discover our psychic messages, and with much doubt, I followed her to the fair. Marulanda’s faith in these readings stems from personal experiences in which the predictions have come true, whereas my skepticism comes from the simple fact that no prediction has ever proven itself valid in my own life.

“It gives you that excitement of knowing what could possibly happen in your future. Kind of gives you hope,” said Marulanda. There I was, optimistic Ali, with one question: “What happens if everything they tell you is morbid and serves you the exact opposite of hope – despair?” Doubtful and preferring to be putting on my Halloween costume, I gave it a shot, not that Marulanda would give me a choice.

According to the analysis of my love life, I will find the love of my life at age 28 despite my shy personality. I should never go into sales because I can’t live off commission and it would send my marriage into the underworld. Here is where my hesitation gets the best of me. I, or anyone else, rarely describe my personality as shy and as many other young women, I have fallen in and out of love on a few different occasions thus far in life. As far as sales go, I can agree that profession is not for me, but had this been my first reading of the night I may not have gone to a second.

On the other end of the spectrum, my first reading was quite successful. I met with angel card reader Adam Latin to kick off my night and the experience was beyond what I expected. I was given an option to read card for myself or an interaction with someone else. Personally, the thought of someone using plastic pictures with words on them to tell me about myself is barely attractive, so naturally I chose to read an interaction. After thinking of my other person, I laid out seven cards, two for me, three for the interaction and two for the friend in my head. In less than three minutes, Latin described my entire situation with this person so accurately, I was rigid in shock. His advice was everything I had been wondering. How would he know all that? I openly shared my reaction and reluctance with Latin whose spiel revealed he has dealt with many non-believers in his days.

“There are good readers and there are bad readers,” explained Latin, as I expressed my skepticism. One phrase achieved no such change, but perhaps that one reading did. Next time a psychic fair comes around, take the journey, even if it’s short like mine. You may be delightfully surprised.

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