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Q&A forum with the Division of Student Affairs

Cait Kemp

Springfield College students were welcomed via Zoom for a Q&A about changes to dining, living on campus, and programming due to COVID-19 on Wednesday, September 2 at 7 p.m.

A panel of staff members were present to answer and discuss any questions or concerns students may have had. This panel included Director of Student Activities Annie Warchol, Provider and Director of the Health Center Kathleen Hogan-Soltys, Director of Campus Recreation Peter Abdoulis, Christine Johnston, who oversees the health promotion programming, Dean of Students Sue Nowlan, Vice President of Student Affairs Patrick Love, Christian Wise, the Director of Dining Services, the Chief Culinary Officer for the Harvest Table Culinary Group Matthew Thompson, and Hannah Howard, Guest Experience Manager for Harvest Table Culinary Group. 

Students were encouraged to ask their questions through the Q&A feature on Zoom, and each question was addressed and answered by the panel member it most coincided with. 

Many students have been confused about the policy regarding the number of guests that are permitted in a room within the residence halls on campus. It was cleared up to be one guest for a single room, two guests for a room housing two, three, four, or five people, and three guests in a living area that houses six, seven, or eight people. 

It was also clarified that when in a dorm room, it is not required to wear a mask when the door is open. 

Another point that many were curious about was the consequences for someone who was to host or attend a large party or gathering. It was said that there were indeed large off-campus parties occurring the first weekend students arrived, which is the reason for the email sent out with seemingly strict consequences. After it was discovered that those gatherings had been happening, it was decided that any student hosting or attending a gathering like that would be suspended. 

Also in question were the policies surrounding sports on campus. With all varsity sports, Springfield College is following the NCAA rules and regulations. However, there has been leisurely sport playing seen around campus, such as 1v1 basketball. This is allowed due to the restrictions on the number of people on the courts. It is not practice for the basketball team, just for any students who want to shoot some hoops. 

The lasting message from this panel discussion: have conversations with the people around you to figure out what makes you comfortable. Continue to be safe and encourage others to do the same. Inform peers about any rules they may not know, and help each other to be respectful community members of Springfield College. 

Photo Courtesy Springfield College Division of Student Affairs

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