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Rapper G-Eazy is Going Mainstream

Kevin Moss
Staff Writer

Think of your favorite New Orleans rapper. I’m assuming you got images of Lil’ Wayne in your head. Well erase that, and put a new face on New Orleans hip-hop. G-Eazy brings a whole new sound to the hip-hop game, and it’s a sound I wouldn’t mind hearing on the radio more and more. G-Eazy has put together multiple mixtapes up to this point, but no albums. Yesterday, he released his first ever free album called Must Be Nice.

The album consists of soulful sounds with aggressive classic hip-hop verses. It’s like if someone took the music from the ‘50s and added hip-hop verses to them. G-Eazy masters most of his own work and is seen collaborating with artists like Hoodie Allen, Mod Sun and DJ Carnage. The club banger that you’re going to want to have on at parties all the time is “Loaded.” The song you’re going to have on repeat is probably “Marilyn,” with its catchy chorus and relatable lyrics.

G-Eazy is on the rise, and after his appearance at all the stops of the 2012 Vans Warped tour, he’s finally making things happen. Currently sitting in fourth on Top Hip-Hop albums on iTunes, G-Eazy has worked very hard to get where he is. With his suave style and skinny frame, he’s far from thug, but he’s more hip-hop than most of the pros.

I can’t say enough good things about G-Eazy. If you’re bored with what’s on your iPod, then this should fill that void you’ve been feeling. I can’t stop downloading his stuff, and you should listen to him now, so you can tell all your friends about how you listened to him before he broke out.

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