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Rayvon Owen Wows Union Crowd

Meghan Zimbler 

Photo Editor


Meghan Zimbler/The Student
Meghan Zimbler/The Student

Campus Activities Board has done it again, bringing an amazing up-and-coming artist to the Campus Union Stage, as Springfield College welcomed Rayvon Owen and Company.

The Union dining area filled sporadically as people heard the voice of Rayvon Owen, a Richmond, Va. native. Springfield students were mesmerized listening to the R&B singer, along with guitar player Cameron Badell.

If his voice didn’t capture attention at first, Owens’ welcoming personality and warm smile could have easily done it.

Owen was originally from Virginia, and later moved to Nashville, Tenn., continuing his music career. He started singing when he was 5-years-old in choirs and eventually singing back-up for various artists such as Damon Little. He sang throughout middle school and high school, attending music schools during his time as a student.

After studying musical theater, Rayvon decided to go a different route, making music his career. The singer started his college tour in August 2013, traveling to various schools along the East Coast, and schools in the west as well.

When the performance started, all Owen had to do was sing the first few words of Bruno Mars’ 2013 hit, “Treasure,” to get the audience hooked.

Owen hit the high notes while singing covers, original songs and mash-ups, which are a combination of a few different songs.

“It was honestly the best surprise I’ve had on this campus because he is phenomenal,” stated sophomore Jasmine Jiles, who is also starting musician here at Springfield College. “He definitely brought excitement.”

Owen is on his way to the top, releasing his song “Brand New Day” on iTunes, which appeals to both younger and older audiences. He has also been working on an EP since summer 2013, and plans on releasing it by the end of the year.

Owen has been sporadically working on an album, writing new songs and deciding what should be on the final product. When talking about the upcoming album, Owen stated, “we’ve had to push it back a little,” but went no further.

He did share that he has a new song out, which can be downloaded for free on his website, called “Never Knew Ya.” He described the song to be about “sucky relationships,” but finished the description with, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Owen enjoyed playing here at SC.

“There was a lot of energy with the different groups around here [Union dining area],” Owen said.

He even recognized the reaction to the “cheering section” in the booths.

“He gave life to the Union,” Jiles said after the performance.

Look out for the works of Rayvon Owen, in the near future, on his climb to the top of the music industry, with CDs and EPs coming your way.


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