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Remaining remote Springfield College students set to move in soon

By Amanda Hitchcock
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On Jan. 15 a shocking announcement was sent to the Springfield College campus community.  

The President’s office announced that “approximately 60% of the student population will return to campus…of these students include: those who live in apartment-style housing (Living Center, Senior Suites, and Townhouses), winter and spring student-athletes, upper division students enrolled in select academic programs, international students and others who live at a great distance from the College, and essential student employees (including RAs).”

This email came as a surprise to some students who were planning moving in as scheduled beginning on Thursday, Jan. 21.

“When I found out that I couldn’t move back onto campus on the 22nd along with my friends, I was really upset,” said Ethan Boileau. “Not only were all of my home friends back at school, but I can’t see my school friends for another two weeks. This change just made me feel super alone and separated from my friends and a place that I would call a home away from home.

Along with not allowing all students back onto campus, the period of remote learning for all students has been extended from one week to two weeks and COVID testing has increased to once a week, instead of bi-weekly. 

“As a PA student, I take a lot of tougher classes like organic chemistry. To study for those classes, I really utilize the library space on campus to study and get my work done,” said Collen Stafford.  “Not being on campus has greatly affected the quality and quantity of what I learned both this spring semester and the past fall semester. So, not being considered a vital part of campus to be allowed back has made this semester even harder than it would normally have been.” 

Students who weren’t able to move in at their scheduled time were upset about the change, but the decision was made out of an abundance of caution. Springfield College hopes that staggering this process will help prevent the spread of COVID-19 on campus. 

Photo: Springfield College

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