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Ricky Mazella Brings Pride to the Sidelines

Julian Santiago
Staff Writer



Meghan Zimbler/The Student

Anyone that comes to Springfield College can see that the campus is an athletic one, which places a priority on sports.

There are many student-athletes on campus, and several of the teams set the standard for the entire New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference, but even with all of the talent here none of the teams would be able to succeed without the support of their loyal fans. Most every college team around the country has the support of their families and coaches, but only a few, especially at the Division III level, have strong student support. At Springfield that is never a problem.

There is one man on campus that truly embodies all of the ideals and spirit that make the students and the fans here at Springfield so great. Ricky Mazella, a Sport Management major in his fourth year, may just be Springfield’s No. 1 fan.

Mazella can be found at almost every home soccer game, men’s and women’s alike, prepared with an arsenal of cheers to help inspire the teams to victory. He does not limit himself to just soccer, as he tries to attend as many athletic events as he possibly can on campus.

“When I first came on campus I noticed that the atmosphere was kind of dull… something wasn’t right,” said Mazella.

That is when he decided to make a change. He brought a “European stance” to his fanhood, trying to be as “proactive for the players” as possible, as he went on to say. The enthusiasm that he brings to each of the games that he attends is infectious, rubbing off onto the other members of the crowd.

Mazella is not the only fan supporting the many great Springfield teams, but he may be able to claim the title of the most creative.

“Give me a roster and I can put their information to lyrics,” Mazella said, as he comes to each game prepared with a song or chant for “every player on every team.”

Mazella’s song book consists of many popular songs that he remixed with Springfield verbiage, along with some traditional Pride songs and some famous chants again fitted with either players’ names or Pride-themed lyrics.

“Every year he comes up with new chants,” said Barry Ebua, one of Mazella’s closest friends. “And he has been doing this since freshman year.”
His dedication is unrivaled without question.

Ricky Mazella loves Springfield College and truly cares about his fellow students, especially the student-athletes here on campus.

“He really is a genuine person,” said Ebua.

That much is clear based on the unconditional support that he gives to all of his friends here. Win or lose the passion is always there, but unfortunately he will not be here that much longer.

“Being at the games and cheering on his friends is something Ricky will definitely miss,” said Ebua.

It would be fair to say that the campus and all of the sports teams will miss Mazella just as much as he will miss them. Ebua commented that, “there are not a lot of people that are as good a person as Ricky.” The campus atmosphere and the spirit level at sporting events will forever be improved because of Ricky Mazella. There will never be a dull crowd as long as Mazella is around.

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