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SC Backstage Announces 2015 Spring Concert

Patrick Kenney
Managing Editor

In June of 2017, the last of the 90’s generation will be graduating from high school and moving on with the rest of their lives.

That means that the current crop of high school freshmen have never experienced the chocolaty goodness of a WonderBall or the fascination of bouncing on the moon with Moon Shoes or watching good television on Nickelodeon.

For those recently graduated or currently in college now, all things 90’s remain in the back of their heads like some faint light at the end of an ever-growing tunnel.

On April 25th, Springfield College students will be given the opportunity to live in the 90’s yet again. Per usual, when it comes to Spring time at Springfield, SC Backstage will be hosting their annual spring concert.

This year will feature a trio of acts who like to call themselves, ‘The Tres Amigos’, yet their name gives away nothing of who or what they are. Although not the Backstreet boys, BoyzIIMen or New Kids On the Block, Uncle Kracker, Smash Mouth and Mark McGrath (Sugar Ray) held their own during the 90’s and early 2000’s.

“I’m very excited and I feel that a lot of older students will want to attend this year,” commented Nick Plympton, co-head of communications for SC Backstage.

Plympton may have a point. While students were most likely going to buy tickets no matter who showed up on April 25, bringing in someone (in this case three someones) established and already well versed in performing may play to the audience’s liking more so than anything else.

“There are two ways we rate the success of our concerts,” stated Anne Warchol, the SC Backstage advisor. “There are the ‘Ludacris’ concerts, which sell out the week tickets go on sale, and then the ‘Bruno Mars’ concerts, which only draw in 600 or so students.”

That is where the popularity and establishment of each act comes into play. When Bruno Mars arrived on campus in 2011, he was virtually unknown to many casual music listeners, thus resulting in only 600 students showing up for what was seemingly a great performance.

When compared with the Ludacris concert held at Springfield in 2010, it looks pathetic. Having sold out in less than a week (which equals out to around 2,000 students) and performing longer than 30 minutes more than most concerts, it’s no wonder the Ludacris concert has been enshrined in the SC Backstage Hall of Fame.

One could look at the popularity of Ludacris at the time (right in the middle of the Fast and Furious movies) and the unfamiliarity of the name Bruno Mars to most students.

But one could also look at the foundation that Ludacris had already built for himself well before his movie career. Such a foundation has also been laid for ‘The Tres Amigos’.

Having been around since the late 80’s, early 90’s its safe to say that all three acts know what they are doing.

“We also looked at other options aside from bands,” said Mike Lawson, “Like Shaquille O’Neal or other comedy acts. When we came across the Tres Amigos, who were right in our price range, we knew they were the ones.”

‘The Tres Amigos Tour’ will hit the SC stage on April 25 with the doors opening to at 7 P.M. and the concert starting at 7:30 P.M. Tickets will go on sale starting March 30 and will be $5 for Springfield Students.

Any non-Springfield College students will have to wait until April 1 to buy tickets, which will be $10.

While ‘The Tres Amigos’ have yet to pull off the ‘Ludacris’ type of concert, their performance is sure to bring out the inner ‘90s child in all of us, even if the light at the end of the tunnel has long been forgotten.

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