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SC Family Member in Need of Support

Nick Lovett

Staff Writer

Cancer is something that everyone fears, but no matter what precautions you take, you can still get it. This is what makes the disease so scary, so threatening; it can happen to anyone at any time. The fight against cancer is a hard one, but all who are diagnosed fight it as hard as they can.

Not everyone really understands the fight that accompanies cancer until they know someone who is diagnosed. Only at that point can they fully grasp the sacrifices needed to fight this disease.

Members of the Springfield College community have been forced to grapple with the recent knowledge that a close friend has had to battle this life-threatening disease. Lisa Meyrick, the Lead Catering Wait Staff for Aramark, has been serving Springfield College for seven years before being diagnosed with stage-4 lung and liver cancer this summer.

“She is a very dedicated worker and is well liked by everyone on campus”, said Anne Daley, who works in the Aramark Catering Office inside Cheney Hall.

“She is a great woman,” said Aramark employee Megan Ditore. “She took me under her wing when I started working there [at Aramark].”

Meyrick, an East Longmeadow resident, has a husband and three young sons all under the age of 10 and is only 44 years old.

The diagnosis was a surprise because she had felt no symptoms; she only felt tired. According to Daley, as of now, Meyrick is doing her best in her fight with cancer.

“She seems to be doing fine and is now undergoing chemotherapy and other treatment,” said Daley. “Her spirits are high and are kept that way from the e-mails and cards that she receives from her coworkers, friends and family.”

“She wants to have as much fun as she can and wants to take her mind off everything,” added Ditore.

The Aramark family is now reaching out to the Springfield College family, both students and faculty to help. Aramark is currently organizing a fundraiser for Meyrick to help pay for some of her hospital bills and other expenses. This fundraiser will greatly help her family in this very dire time of need.

The fundraiser will be held inside the Dodge Ballroom in the Richard B. Flynn Campus Union at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 23. The fundraiser is being set up as a social that includes raffles and a buffet dinner. Lisa’s husband and three children will be in attendance although she herself cannot be there.

The fundraiser will also include a videographer so that Lisa can see the event, and it will also have a greeting board which guests are encouraged to sign. Aramark is hoping to receive donations in order to aid Lisa and her loving family. They are willing to take donations of money, products, services and anything else that can help the family. All help is greatly appreciated.

If you have questions, please call (413)-748-3205.

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