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SC Ink: Kevin Sainte

Kevin Sainte got a matching tattoo with his older brother to signify brotherhood and family.

Jake Nelson
Contributing Writer

Tattoos all have a story to tell, whether happy or sad, small or large. Tattoos can signify just about anything; a regrettable ex, an old friend, even a night out on the town. Tattoos are indelible and stay with their recipients forever.

Sophomore Kevin Sainte knows how it feels to have a significant tattoo. Since Sainte was a kid, his older brother, Steven, and he have been very close. When he was 16, his brother suggested that once Sainte was of age, they should get matching tattoos to signify brotherhood and family, important elements in their lives. Being a very family-oriented kid, Sainte jumped with excitement at the idea.

Thankfully for Sainte, his brother knew exactly what the two of them were to get. They both agreed that the base should be a clover (for their Irish heritage), but Sainte wasn’t quite sure of the “S” on top of the clover. He said to his brother, “but my name is Kevin, shouldn’t I have a K?”

“No,” his brother corrected him, “the S if for our last name, Sainte.”

Thankfully, the two brothers were able to agree on the tattoo’s design and meaning, and finally on Sainte’s 18th birthday, it was off to the tattoo parlor. More important than the tattoo is what it truly represents.

“My brother and I have always been really close, and we made a pact that no matter what, we’d always be close with each other and our family,” explained Sainte.

Clearly, these ideals have not been lost on Sainte. Anyone who knows him understands that family is an important part of his life.

“He’s a really outgoing kid with a million-dollar smile. I couldn’t ask for a better guy to live with,” roommate Dylan Sheehan said.

Sainte said that the most painful parts of the tattoo was the outlining of the green clover and the coloring of the “S”. The process took a few hours for each of the brothers’ tattoos because of the intricacies of the shape and coloring.

Sainte has a second tattoo along his rib cage pertaining to intrinsic motivation. Sainte says it was inspired by former Springfield College lacrosse All-American, and former SC assistant coach Peter Sessa. Sainte really likes his tattoos, and says he’s unsure about getting any more.

Tattoos are so interesting because of the meanings and sentimental value they can posses. Sainte’s tattoo is special because it’s a bond that he and his brother share that will never be broken. In that regard, Sainte will always carry his family with him. Many people adorn themselves with tattoos consisting of banter and meaningless symbols. Judgment will always be passed, but it is refreshing that Sainte decided to get a tattoo for the right reason, for family.

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