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SEAT at the Table to return next year

By Carley Crain

The Multicultural Affairs Office has been busy at work this semester and is continuing to plan exciting events for the future.

This year brought upon many challenges due to COVID-19, but despite a global pandemic, the Multicultural Affairs Office was able to host their first-ever Social Justice, Equity, Accountability, Transformation (SEAT) at the table week.

Throughout the week of Oct. 25 to Nov. 1, over 40 workshop sessions were held that discussed a variety of topics about race, diversity, and inclusion.

Counselors, professors, students, staff and alumni from the community were able to educate themselves on diversity and race throughout the course of the week.

“The people who participated really emphasized how meaningful the dialogue was on an academic, professional, and personal level,” said Graduate Assistant and one of the creators of SEAT Charisse DelVecchio. “People really grew and developed their understanding of these topics not just as students or learners, but personally.”

Members from the Multicultural Affairs Office were very happy with how the event went and are planning to continue SEAT at the table week for years to come in both a virtual and in-person format.

“For me, what stood out the most was people being able to put theory into practice and being able to work collaboratively with faculty members, students, community members, or alumni,” said Director of The Multicultural Affairs Office Felicia Lundquist. “They were able to show their scholarship to a vast amount of people.”

Next year, the OMA office is looking to improve on better marketing for the event, working on creating a better time schedule, having a closing ceremony, involving more volunteers and having a larger amount of workshop proposals submitted.

Many Springfield students attended the workshops or hosted an event throughout the week. President of The Black Student Union (BSU) Raj Omoru co-hosted “Discrimination in Healthcare” and was very happy with how the first-ever SEAT at the Table week went.

“It was an amazing opportunity to bring people together to watch the different programs,” said Omoru. “Everything that went into the week I thought really brought the community together.”

Omoru is looking forward to the future of SEAT and believes the event has a lot of potential.

“I think we can really grow SEAT at The Table into a regional area activity and it can become an event where every school in the Springfield area can be involved. It is an opportunity for our students and faculty to talk about these tough topics.”

With the fall semester winding down, The Multicultural Affairs Office only has a few events left for this year, including their virtual weekly study sessions over Zoom, and their monthly self-care community care nights. The last self-care community care event will take place on Dec. 9 at 5 p.m.

For the upcoming school year, applications are now open to become a cultural connections leader or coordinator, which is an opportunity for students to become more involved within the campus community and to help promote equality, diversity and inclusion at Springfield College.

Next year’s events through The Office of Multicultural Affairs will also include a speaker series in collaboration with other clubs and offices on campus, a black achiever’s award ceremony, their annual Stolen and Achievement Ceremony, their yearly Women’s Tea Event, numerous film screenings, panel discussions, different awareness campaigns, celebrations of heritage months, conferences, the newly formed multicultural fund, and open-mic events.

To keep up to date with The Office of Multicultural Affairs events check out their Instagram @omaspringfieldcollege.

Graphic Courtesy of Springfield College Office of Multicultural Affairs

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