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Senior Farewells: Taylor Hassa

Taylor Hassa
Layout Editor

It is hard to describe the emotions running through me as I’m sitting here writing my very last words to be published in the Springfield Student. Trying to squish four incredible years into a reasonable amount of words is going to be the true test of my writing skills.

I suppose I’ll start at the beginning when Justin Felisko took a chance on me and gave me a column before I was even moved into school. I was the designated fashion columnist; little did I know that’d be my “thing” for the next fours years.

Back then senior year seemed so far away. Now, sitting at my computer the same way I have every week for the past four years, it all seems to have gone so fast.

I could go on for days about the amazing experiences I have had not only writing for this newspaper, but at this school in general. When I first started writing my column I received personal emails asking me for advice and that feeling was something so special to me as a new writer. I couldn’t believe people were actually reading my columns and taking my advice. It is that kind of support that sets this college apart from the rest.

For me, the past four years have been something of a whirlwind. My first semester sophomore year I was finally settled in, I knew my place on campus and I was so happy. Towards the end of that semester we found out that my dad was transferred to Ohio for work and I would have to return home mid-year. As I am sure you can imagine, I was heartbroken to leave such a great program and school.

Fortunately, after one semester at a different college, I was able to return to Springfield College as junior. Ecstatic, doesn’t even begin to describe it and to my parents I was so grateful for the opportunity to be here again.

I would like to take this time to thank my parents for the sacrifices they have made to put me through this school. They have opened so many doors for me by giving me this education and I am so appreciative. I couldn’t have got to where I am today without their love and support.

I also cannot write my farewell to this college without thanking a few very special professors. I remember coming to this school for an open house or something of that nature and meeting Kyle Belanger, Jody Santos, Marty Dobrow and Dennis Gildea. It was during that open house that I realized this journalism program had an amazing group of professors backing it. Their enthusiasm and credentials would make anyone want to join their program.

Kyle has always had my back and has pushed me to seriously be the best student and person I can be. I don’t know what I would’ve done without his support and guidance over the past four years. Through every triumph and breakdown Kyle was there and I don’t think I can thank him enough.

I also want to thank Jody for always having such a high level of expectations when it came to my work. Sometimes I was frustrated by it, but I know she just wanted me to reach my highest potential both in and out of the classroom.

Marty has been stuck being my advisor for the past four years. He has seen me freak out over graduating on time and picking the right classes, but has handled my freak-outs in the calmest fashion imaginable. Marty is also the advisor of the newspaper and I don’t know what I would do on Wednesday nights without his award winning humor and stamp of approval on the front pages of layout. But seriously, there are lessons this man taught me my freshman year that are always ever-present in my mind so this is my thank you Marty, for being the best teacher and advisor a blossoming journalism student could ask for.

Lastly, I must thank the man, the myth, and the legend that is Dennis Gildea. I came into this major wanting to take one of his classes, but they were all sports classes, and I don’t really like sports, so I waited to take one until my junior year. Lets just say I like it so much I came back for yet another sports class my senior year. I don’t know that there is another professor out there that can make his students laugh as much as Gildea. His classes are just something every student should have the pleasure of experiencing. So I would like to thank him for fixing any defects I had in my funny bone prior to his classes.

I am sad to say that with the end of my giving thanks comes the end of my last work of journalism for the school paper. It has been a marvelous ride and I am so happy I was suckered into doing layout this year because it has truly been an incredible time working with such a unique group of individuals. I will carry the memories I made here with me forever, so thank you Springfield College for the past four years and so much more.

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  1. As a parent of an SC sophomore & future freshman, I get email links when new posts are written. Being a fashionista myself, I especially enjoy reading yours.👏Will personally miss your take on the latest trends & styles & honest advise.
    Thank you & ConGRADulations!👍💚

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