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Series to Watch This Summer: Friday Night Lights

Katie Benoit

Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Friday Night Lights Facebook page.
Photo courtesy of Friday Night Lights Facebook page.

Summer is almost here, which means many of us will need a new show to watch with our free time. There are many shows on Netflix that viewers are raving about such as, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, or Scandal. However, let’s talk about my new favorite show, Friday Night Lights.

Although I am only half way into the second season, I am obsessed with this show. Friday Night Lights has just about everything viewers can ask for. It has drama, it has romance, and it has football.

Friday Night Lights follows Coach Eric Taylor and his high school football team the Dillon Panthers. There is quite a bit of football action in each episode, but there is also a lot more to the shows plot. The show deals with family issues, relationship problems, crime, substance abuse, and other aspects of everyday life.

The characters in this series are great and do go though some character development though the seasons. Coach Taylor is portrayed as great father and football coach. He no doubt has some of the best and most motivational quotes of the series. Some other great characters include Tami Taylor, Jason Street, and Tim Riggins.

I wont give away any spoilers, but lets just say at some point the cast will dramatically change. There could also be a new team involved in the series, besides the Panthers.

The show is comprised of five seasons. The first season has 22 episodes, while the other four seasons have 12 episodes each. Each episode is around 44 minutes long.

I will say the first few episodes are a little slow. However, the series gets much better as it goes on. Friday Night Lights even has ended up winning multiple awards.

Perhaps one of the reasons Friday Night Lights is so good is because it actually wasn’t filmed on set. According to Buzzfeed, the show was filmed in normal restaurants and businesses in Texas. Also, all the houses used in the show were actually real houses that were rented for the show’s use.  This makes the series feel much more real than others.

Overall, this series is great. The show will make viewers almost feel like they are a part of Texas football tradition. There are points where viewers will laugh, get angry, and maybe even cry.

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