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SGA and Class Board Student Leaders Take Office

Josh Ernst

Opinions Editor

The Student Government Association has hot the ground running this year, with class elections in full swing. The new executive boards, led by President Kristina Dupuis, spent the last couple of weeks canvassing the campus to get students signed up and voting in this year’s election.

“The election process is quite simple actually,” said Dupuis, “Students that are interested in running must first fill out an election packet that has a few questions about why the student is interested in getting involved with SGA and what they plan on bringing to the table.”

The polls were closed and the votes counted on Thursday, September 15, and the new student leaders are beginning their roles immediately.

The voting process took place online this semester, with students logging on to the Springfield College website to cast there votes. Candidates had to have a petition signed by fifty of their classmates, whose signatures recognize that the candidates have their support.

“Once the packets are turned in, their names are placed on an online ballot that is personalized to every student by class,” said Dupuis, “Students on campus are then able to vote those candidates into office and the seats are filled according to what the student body wants!”

Multiple positions were open in every class and all students are welcome to apply and run for a position.

“Senator positions for the classes of 2012, 2013, and 2014 were open,” said Dupuis, “and the entire class board for 2015 including the president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and four senators.”

Working with the Student Government Association or SGA is an excellent idea for students according to Dupuis. By getting involved students can help effect change on the Springfield College campus.

“SGA and Class Boards are the voices of the student body and the students who can really make a difference to bring forth the wants and needs of the student body,” said Dupuis, “While in office, the students will have the ability to make decisions for their classes and the entire campus to better their experiences here at Springfield College.”

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