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SGA Discusses Future Plans

Nick Lovett
Staff Writer

The Student Government Association had their weekly meeting this past Sunday and covered a variety of topics, all of which would help better the student life here at Springfield College. These topics ranged from being able to check your dining dollar account on PrideNet to making the Pride Ride more accessible for the students.

Fundraisers to help the school were also discussed. There was an idea of a DVD drive for the library, which would have students giving new and used movies to the library, because their collection has not been very good in recent years. Another fundraiser that will hopefully be brought back this year is the car wash in front of Abbey that was very successful last year.

There are also some clubs that are in the process of being created for this upcoming year. The possible clubs are: Art Club, Health Sciences and a sport club that not much information was known about. Students are encouraged to join any club they wish and can approach the Student Activities Board if they wish to have a club created.

The Business Affairs office is currently looking for a freshman and sophomore to join their committee. These students would preferably be from the Business major and would represent their respective classes on this board.

One of the biggest pushes being made by the SGA this year is to get students to vote in the upcoming Presidential Election. The younger generation has not been overly enthusiastic in showing up on Election Day in the past, so SGA is doing their part to educate potential voters and get them to go to the polls.

Signs have been posted up around campus about the debate viewings in the Bistro in the Union. The viewing parties are put in place so that the students can not only learn about the candidates stances on issues, but it also allows them to make an informed decision on who they will vote for.

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