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SGA Meets with Board of Trustees; Communications Disorders Club Approved

Josh Ernst

Opinions Editor

Sunday night the Student Government Association’s General Council meeting had a different feel than normal. With President Kristina Dupuis out of town, the recently appointed Vice President of Student Affairs Steven Carra chaired the meeting.

Carra and the rest of the Executive Board met with the Board of Trustees this past weekend to discuss the future of the school. The board couldn’t go into detail about the goals and issues discussed with the trustees, but Carra was happy with the weekend.

“I can’t talk about a whole lot, there are a lot of alumni very invested in the school and not only in their money, but in their personal lives, and they have seen the school moving in a very positive direction,” said Carra. “We see any issue there might be on campus or in the future we just lay down a few goals.”

Goals were a common theme Sunday night as the student senate and Executive Board collaborated to work on coming up with goals for the rest of the year. Goals ranged from long-to short-term ideas. Nothing was official, but ideas ranged from looking into putting a Redbox DVD rental kiosk on campus to working on advertising events on campus.

The entire student government is still focused on one of its main goals: helping raise awareness for the SGA. Dupuis has made this a priority this year in an effort to help students as much as possible. This goal has a personal meaning to Vice President of Student Affairs Carra.

“My biggest goal for SGA probably involves getting our faces out there a lot more,” said Carra. “I want people to know who we are and for them to feel like they could invest their time and problems in us; if they have anything that comes up I want people to know that SGA, we want to hear about it, we want to do something about it.”

In addition to goals the General Council is also focused on the elections coming up in March and the need for students to run for positions including student senate and SGA President.

The Communications Disorders Club was approved and will start their one-year trial period. The club is open to any student interested in learning more about various communications disorders and is already heavily involved in fundraisers for various related causes.

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