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SGA Showing their Strength

Josh Ernst

Opinions Editor

Almost a year and a half ago I was approached by then Managing Editor Justin Felisko with a proposal. He asked if I would be interested in covering the Student Government Association for the Springfield Student. He told me that this would entail writing a weekly article chronicling exactly what the SGA does on campus. I quickly accepted.

When I agreed to this position I had visions of uncovering a corrupt organization, breaking the next Watergate, and holding these student representatives accountable for every action. What I actually discovered was much different.

After covering student government for almost a year and a half I can honestly say that the students involved with the SGA are among the most dedicated and involved students on the Springfield College campus. Far from finding scheming student politicians, I instead found a group of concerned people who work in a virtually unrecognized position. Despite their lack of visibility, every member of the SGA Executive Board and Student Senate put in a huge amount of time to make this campus a better place for everyone here.

It’s not always a perfect process. I’ve watched debates drag on and on over what appears to me to be a simple idea or problem. I’ve seen good ideas shot down. I’ve witnessed members burn out and step down from their positions. I think the SGA could be more visible and accessible on this campus. Excellent ideas and proposals sometimes never see the light of day. But time and again the people who make up the SGA show me that, imperfect though it may be, is one of the best ways to affect real change on this campus.

Both last year’s SGA president, Christina Cormier, and Kristina Dupuis, the current president, have proven to be two of the most devoted and enthusiastic Springfield College students I have ever met. They put everything they have into the SGA. In addition to the normal amount of school, working, and any other extracurricular activity they pursue, the president leads the SGA both literally and figuratively. They run general council meetings, Executive Board meetings, meet with the president of the school, and keep tabs on every other part of the SGA. The fact they manage to do this and put up with me hanging around meetings and sending a constant stream of calls, texts, and e-mails is an impressive one.

I had the pleasure of working with many of this year’s Executive Board during New Student Orientation. Although I don’t know every single one of them incredibly well I can honestly say that this is a group who will get things done. They are enthusiastic and creative. They represent a broad cross section of campus, coming from a variety of backgrounds and classes. If you have any ideas about how things could change for the better at Springfield College talk to them. They will listen and work to help you.

Although my dreams of breaking the Next Big Story have yet to materialize, I have discovered a group of students who work hard to help all of us on campus. This may not be as exciting as discovering and reporting a huge scandal or crime it has definitely made me thankful that such a group exists.

Josh Ernst may be reached at jernst@springfieldcollege.edu

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