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SGA to Have Two Sti-Yu-Ka Fundraisers

Josh Ernst

Opinions Editor

As the student body prepares for the normal fun of Sti-Yu-Ka, the Student Government Association (SGA) is planning some Sti-Yu-Ka fun of a different type. The Executive Board of the SGA and the Student Senate will be putting on two different fundraisers during the week of Springfield College’s spring festival.

The two fundraisers both involve water, with one being used for a constructive purpose. The other fundraiser is pure fun.

One will be the water balloon challenge on Thursday.

“We will be tossing balloons at Carl Stiles and Mike Rama,” said SGA President Kristina Dupuis. “We chose this to add to the Sti-Yu-Ka fun because who doesn’t love water balloons?”

Stiles is the Director of Student Activities, while Rama is the Vice President of Business Affairs and heads a committee by the same name. Students and faculty are encouraged to buy water balloons, which can then be used to soak either one of these “victims.”

The Student Senate will also be using water for a slightly more serious matter: washing cars. The exact time and date of this event are still to be determined.

“There will be a car wash that weekend for staff and faculty as a fundraiser for SGA and will be put on by the senators,” said Dupuis. “We chose this because it will be great for spring cleaning and will be a fun project!”

The student senators decided to limit this fundraiser to just the faculty and staff in an effort to both raise money and provide a service to the professors and faculty of Springfield College.

Despite overseeing the rest of the student-run clubs and organizations on campus, as well as working closely with the administration, the SGA is technically still a club. And like any other club, they must raise funds throughout the year.

“The funds are being raised for SGA because SGA is actually still a club, and we are also held to the ‘one fundraiser per month’ standard,” said Dupuis.

While the rest of the campus is celebrating Sti-Yu-Ka, the SGA will be working hard to make sure they are doing their best to represent the students of Springfield College.

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