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Skirts and the Wind: Not a Good Combo

Sarah Parker

Contributing Writer

Living in New England, wind is a common enemy amongst women. Ideally, we would all walk around as if we were in a photo-shoot with the perfect wind blown hair, however, that’s not reality. Our hair isn’t what we’re concerned with being blown. What do you do to avoid the wind blowing your skirt around your waist?

Now my semi-maternal instinct says stop looking like you just stepped out of Pretty Woman and buy longer skirts, but Giselle and all of her bombshell friends are setting the bar unfairly high at how long our legs should look. You fellow short girls know the struggle well. So momma’s over ruled by my realistic side saying fashion’s evolving and hemlines are shortening. It’s a fact of life and we’ve got to deal with it. But there are practical ways around it, which look much better than wrapping yourself in duct tape or living in maxis.

One girl I know, who is super crafty started sewing little pockets in her skirts to put little weights in to keep it down. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have enough time or talent for that so here are some tips on how to avoid showing everyone on campus more than how cute you look in your new outfit.

If you’re wearing a skirt that doesn’t pass the fingertip test, make sure you have free hands while walking through wind. A quick flash may be inevitable, but you’ve got to be ready to hold it down. Strike the Marilyn Monroe pose and own it.

Accessories are also a great way to protect against the force of wind. To go a fool proof more modest way throw some leggings under it (this will make it socially acceptable to twerk in as well—as far as how much is showing at least). You can also wear a longer sweater or a tighter skirt. A cute cross body bag can also help you to avoid the whole public indecency scare.

While these will all help, nothing is fool proof, but at the end of the day wear what you want to wear. Screw New England’s weather, just try to keep it classy. And if all else fails, make sure you don’t get caught in granny panties.


Sarah Parker

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