Spring Break Satire at Springfield College

Pat Kenney
Campus News Editor

Pat Kenney - Campus News Editor (Meghan Zimbler/The Student)
Pat Kenney – Campus News Editor (Meghan Zimbler/The Student)

Spring break can be one of the hardest breaks to stay occupied during.

With half of your friends off partying on a beach somewhere, and the other half working at the local grocery store, plans can be short or even nonexistent.

You could do the usual: play video games, work out, hang out with family or even study, but that can get boring after awhile. However, if you get stuck in this “school routine rut,” as I call it, there are plenty of things to help break out and enjoy your week off.

The stereotypical spring break is spent on the beach, but let’s get rid of that nonsense and head to the slopes. Having a snowy spring break is the best alternative to a sunny, sand-filled week.

Not only do you still get to enjoy the waning winter weather, but you also get to re-live what you did over your last major break. Who doesn’t love a break filled of snow and slush? With the Nor’easter set to hit sometime this weekend, there will be a nice new layer of snow to occupy you on your journey.

Another idea to keep your spring break fun-filled is going back to the old fashioned sleepover. Nothing beats sleep bags, scary movies, popcorn and of course, pulling an all-nighter.

Go back to your younger days, when worry and stress were unknown, when you could eat whatever you wanted with no weight gain, and Pokémon was the coolest thing on the planet.[1]

Hoisting a sleepover can be a great way to reconnect with old friends, watch your old Disney channel movies, like Luck of the Irish, and just forget about all of your responsibilities until you wake up in the morning to go to work.

Sleepovers can still work even if you and your friends have work in the morning. Sure, all-nighters might not be an option at that point, but sleeping over can still happen as long as you keep it to a single movie and a firm bedtime of 11 p.m.

When hoisting a sleepover, movie choice is very important. You can go with the basics like Finding Nemo and The Princess Diaries, but I feel that branching off into adventure could be a wise choice at the end of the night. Movies like National Treasure or any of the Lord of the Rings always make for a good time.

Perhaps the most important thing that should happen over your spring break is cheating on your diet. You have worked hard all winter to get beach ready and where are you? On your couch getting snapchats from your friends who are lucky enough to be in tropical paradises.

This calls for a cheat day. Take this day as a day to unleash your inner cookie monster. Empty all the sweets from your pantry and fridge and just go to town. Better yet, order out and don’t leave the couch for the whole day. You deserve this day and you can use it as secret payback against your beach-ridden friends.No matter what you do for break, it is essential to just stay safe and have fun…ah who am I kidding? Live it up! Enjoy whatever you do because after your college years, spring break doesn’t exist.

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