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Spring Has Sprung: Springfield College Community Takes to the Campus Greens

Grace Berry

Staff Writer


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Scattered across Naismith Green, there are dozens of Spike Ball and Kan Jam sets occupying countless students. Multicolored towels decorate the lawn while everyone on them starts to burn from lack of sunscreen application. The sun is shining, it is 87 degrees out, and it is April 11.

As soon as the weather app showed the increase of heat, students broke out their shorts and flip flops, and were ready to face the elements. Lawn games could be seen in front of every residence hall, frisbees whizzing through the air, and even some students did work while sunbathing.

Only two short weeks ago, there was still some snow on the ground with a high temperature of 39. There were still plenty of people complaining about the weather not feeling like spring. However, next to no one expected the temperatures to change that quickly.

While the change has been sudden, most people are excited for the change of pace. Freshman Criminal Justice major, and Michigan native Ethan Campion couldn’t contain his excitement for the summer-like weather.

“Honestly, I am so relieved for the hot weather. I’m so sick of the cold and the snow. I can’t wait to just hang out with my friends outside rather than cooped up in our rooms.”

Other students weren’t too keen on the warmer weather. Liv Baker, a freshman Elementary/Special Education student, would much rather endure below freezing temperatures than the summer temperatures. Being forced outside by her friends was not her ideal way to spend her afternoon.

“[This weather] makes me feel like there’s a permanent humidity cloud hovering over my skin. It’s icky and gross, no thank you,” she animatedly explained.

When this weather starts to roll around, it signals to students that the end of the year is near. Despite finals looming in the shadows and summer vacation being just a couple of weeks away, many are struggling to get all of their homework and studying done. With the heat increasing, the quality of work goes down.

Outdoor enthusiast Nick Darling has fallen victim to the beautiful weather. Whenever he isn’t in class or in meetings, you can find him outside enjoying the sun. However, he believes his work may be suffering from it.

“Honestly the weather has negatively affected my work ethic. I have been very distracted by it. I just want to be outside all the time.”

Not alone in this bittersweet situation, a senior, Rachel Cogswell, has been feeling the wrath of the heat. Because this is her last semester, it is harder to focus on tasks at hand. Rather, she wants to be enjoying this last month of college in the sun with friends.

“This weather is not helping me finish my classes. My six hours of classes today while everyone else was outside was not good. It is not helping my senioritis whatsoever,” she explained.

Basking in the afternoon sun may seem like a good idea now, but with only one month of the semester left, schoolwork can’t be lacking. So, next time you are outside laying on your towel attempting to get a tan, think about bringing some work out with you. While the burns and tans may fade, the degree won’t.

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