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Springfield alumni create partnership to enhance health science students

Irene Rotondo

SPRINGFIELD — Springfield College alumnis Matthew and Anthony Calendrillo have officially forged a partnership between their alma mater Springfield and their own company, LIVE EVERY DAY, in order to enhance the experiences of students majoring in any of the health sciences programs and provide them with real-life clinical situations.

“LIVE EVERY DAY is an outpatient practice focused on physical therapy, orthotic bracing, and amputee management. We strive to empower patients to achieve and preserve extraordinary physical and mental health,” said Matthew Calendrillo. The various office locations include Simsbury, Suffield, and Avon, Connecticut. These offices provide combined relief, guidance, and support to amputees, physical therapy patients, and those in need of any type of splint or bracing.

The new program will be held in Springfield College’s clinic and will be all about students having the opportunity to receive direct experience with real-life patients.

“The LIVE EVERY DAY on-campus interdisciplinary clinic will allow [for] a seamless transition from the classroom to the clinic with educators vested in the program’s curriculum,” said Calendrillo.

“This will continue to benefit students throughout the years by offering access to a robust clinical environment and inter-connectedness between class years and programs,” he added. The program will be giving these future health professionals the edge they deserve in order to get a full and involved education.

Calendrillo stated, “This clinic allows providers, colleagues, and alumni near and far to teach in a thriving clinic, right here on campus.  We’re able to treat employees, students, faculty, and our community – what better way to learn?”

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