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Springfield College A Capella Showcase to Hit Campus

Josh Hillman

Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Pride Pitches
Photo courtesy of Pride Pitches

The stage has been set, and the Flynn Campus Union is ready to be filled with song. The a cappella members of Springfield College are performing on May 4, at 8:30p.m.

This is the second and final concert of the year, featuring the female run Pride Pitches and the co-ed Maroon XIII. The two programs will preform separately, but will finish the night singing a final song as a group.

It is the last time to hear seniors Chelsea Ammerman, Kevin Nowak, Jason Mascoe, and Scott Newman sing on a Springfield College stage.

Maroon XIII, run by Kevin Nowak, has been practicing three days a week, all semester to ensure their vocal cords are in shape. Members are working hard and having great time in the process.

“Practices are wicked fun!” first year member Katie Carson said. “I have a blast even though it’s suppose to be serious.”

The Maroon XIII is Carson’s first a cappella club. “The main reason I am apart of this is because of my mom,” she said. “She was so sick of me singing around the house and not doing nothing with it, so she encouraged me to try it.”

As a freshman, Carson is glad she tried out and earned her spot. It is a program that tests her comfort zone and makes her nothing but happy.

It’s hard to miss the ear-to-ear smile that shows when Carson is singing in front of her friends. “I look into the crowd and can’t stop smiling,” she said. “That’s a problem for me because I laugh all of the time.”

Carson performed a solo in the song “Bottom of the River” during the concert last fall. Not only was it the first concert of the year, it was the first of Carson’s life.

“It was extremely nerve racking, but so much fun,” she said. “When you start you don’t want to stop. Then you get comfortable and don’t want to leave the stage.”

Photo courtesy of Maroon XIII
Photo courtesy of Maroon XIII

Since the fall, the Maroon XIII hasn’t really left the stage. They preformed at the Doctor Sues Museum alongside President Cooper, as well as multiple award ceremonies and accepted student’s day. They were even spotted singing Christmas carols this winter for the senior townhouses.

They have spiced it up a bit this time, having offered a suggestion box to see what students want to hear. One suggestion was chosen and is being kept a surprise.

In all, the show will include songs of different pace, genres and vibes to ensure an exciting night. “I enjoy picking the songs and making sure it’s a balanced set list,” Carson said. “When we are picking a set list we try to have a lot of variety.”

The Maroon XIII is loosing graduating members and will need to fill some spots for next year. Come listen to some beautiful singers, free of charge, and you might just find inspiration to tryout in the fall.

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