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Springfield College athletes: Expecting the worst, hoping for the best

By Nico Fiscella

After an early shutdown of athletics last school year, athletes this semester understood that the idea of returning to their passion was more of a dream than a reality.

Athletics on campus have been practicing daily since August, however, the early end to this fall semester left many athletes going home, believing their seasons to be in jeopardy.

“I’m hoping they work something out,” said first-year cross country runner Aidan Reilly. Reilly’s high school athletic career was cut short last year but nonetheless, motivation has never been an issue he’s dealt with.

“It is a change, but it’s the new norm and all you can do is stay positive through it all.”

Anna Steinman, Reilly’s head coach, has created a plan for her runners to not only stay active during this long break, but also motivated.

“We had grade meetings with her and then a one-on-one phone call where she gave us training packets for the break,” stated Reilly. Steinman, who is also a professor at Springfield College, was expecting the worst but preparing her team for the best.

“She went day-by-day, her mindset was whatever happens, happens and you have to stay positive through it all.”

Many teams are having to change their daily routines, but the Springfield Dance team haven’t skipped a beat. Jillian Andolina, a sophomore dancer, is disappointed she is separated from her peers, but is grateful to still be able to practice.

“Dance was prepared to go remote so I wasn’t stressed… It is a little harder to be motivated when you’re not dancing with other people, but we are doing everything we can,” said Andolina.

The Springfield Dance team practices three times a week on Zoom for two hours, and most of what they did in person can still be done on Zoom.

“We work on more technical things… all things you can do on your own,” Andolina continued.

Last year, the dance team was getting ready for a trip to Vegas before the school went remote, and that experience helps Andolina stay motivated.

“I think nothing can be as bad as last year… I’m prepared for the worst, but I think that’s passed us.”

The dance team normally has one competition in the spring, and as of right now no information has been provided on if that will still happen.

Similar to Reilly, Greg Baker and the tennis team also have plans for an at-home workout plan.

“I will be training at home with my own hitting partners and coaches as well as working out on a regular schedule,” said Baker.

Although Baker is working hard this offseason, he believes the future will not be graceful for athletes.

“I am pretty sure the spring season will be canceled, I was surprised that we were on campus as long as we were and the longer we were there the more optimistic I was,” he added.

The tennis team normally has scrimmages that begin in the fall and carry through the winter. However, like all sports on campus, this fall was filled with workouts and practices.

Athletes across the Springfield community will continue their workouts from home, with the motivation that when they do play, they will be even better than before.

For right now, athletes are expecting the worst but hoping for the best.

Photo Courtesy of Springfield College Athletics

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