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Springfield College Athletes of the Week: Melanie Thulin and Greg Allen

Zach Tolman
Staff Writer





Melanie Thulin

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Thulin, a junior captain on the Springfield College Women’s Tennis team has helped her team bounce back from a 0-3 start, winning five of their last six prior to losing to a talented Mount Holyoke team on Tuesday, Oct. 7. Thulin had a standout performance against Smith College, defeating Samawi of the Pioneers 6-3, 6-1 in singles, later keeping momentum into the No. 2 doubles match  8-3.

Q. As a captain, what pressures are you feeling to not only prove yourself, but to guide your younger teammates in the direction of success?
A. I try not to think about pressure when I am playing or leading the team. Instead I try to focus on being a positive role model to my teammates, encouraging everyone to try their hardest and have fun, and to support and be there for each other on and off the courts. I believe that if we focus on these things, then everything will fall into place and we will be successful as a team no matter what

Q.  How have your coaches supported you and helped you grow throughout your years at SC?
A. It has been a little different because I have had two different head coaches in the past three years. However, they have both made me a better player, stronger competitor, encouraged me in regard to my academics, and taught me the importance of team chemistry. 


Greg Allen

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First-year Greg Allen has proven himself as a dominant force on the Springfield College Golf team, leading the Pride to a fifth-place finish at the 2014 NECC Golf Championships that took place over the weekend at the Stow Acres Country Club in Stow, MA.
Allen finished with a 37 on the back-nine, registering a total score of 78 on the day, and a 159 total on the tournament. Allen is one of the many freshmen the golf team will look to, to help aid them through the season.

Q. What is the most challenging part about being an exceptional athlete and also a student?  How do you balance your time?
A. Being a student athlete is difficult. The most challenging part is finding time for school, golf, and a social life. My parents always remind me that it’s “student athlete” not “athlete student” meaning that academics must always come first. So to balance my time I always make sure my work is done before practice and I make sure I don’t leave any work for the last minute.

Q. As a first-year student-athlete, did you feel a lot of pressure to perform and prove yourself?
A. I don’t feel pressure to prove myself. I just want to play good golf and post some good scores for Springfield. If I put too much pressure on myself, I won’t play well. There’s always some nerves heading into a tournament, but I just try to stay relaxed and have fun. Golf is a great game and if you put too much pressure on yourself, it’s not as enjoyable.

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