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Springfield College Campus Union celebrates 10 years

Irene Rotondo

The Richard B. Flynn Campus Union sits at the heart of Springfield College’s campus. It’s home to administrative offices, favorite places to eat, a bookstore, mailboxes, and so much more.

Students, staff, faculty, and administration alike all pass through the Union at least once a day, whether it’s to check out what new event is happening downstairs or just to grab a quick bite to eat.

On Monday, February 3, the Union celebrated its tenth anniversary of existence and Springfield College banded together to throw a “birthday party” in order to celebrate.

In proper Springfield fashion, a row of past images of what the Union used to look like (over a decade ago!) was spread throughout its lobby.

Next to the pictures was a long maroon table filled with treats, including a specially-made birthday cake complete with Springfield College-themed cups and napkins.

When walking under the arch into the main area of the Union, those who attended the party were met with a cacophony of noise coming from an indoor artificial skating rink and an enormous inflated snow globe.

Students were eager to go inside the snow globe and take pictures with their friends, only to slip on a pair of free-rent skates and have their try at becoming the next great figure skater.

Gabrielle Ward, a sophomore at Springfield College, stated, “The atmosphere in here is crazy… Everybody is just happy to be back and this is a great way for us to start off the week.”

Last, but certainly not least, the entire back glass window-wall of the Union was opened up into the patio area outside. A bonfire, encircled by students brandishing sticks with marshmallows and chocolate, was contained in black metal fire pit.

Students also had the option to grab a coffee or hot chocolate off of the side cart, making their chilly outdoor experience that much more fun.

The Richard B. Flynn Campus Union was named in honor of Springfield College’s twelfth president, who retired in 2013 after his 14-year tenure.

Redone over the course of 16 months, the Union was built to become a focal point of the campus that would feature stunning views of Lake Massasoit while still being one of the most accessible buildings.

Anyone who walks through the doors of the Union instantly will feel exactly what Springfield College is all about; from the POD, to the Student Activities Center, the Union stands for exactly what Springfield College is all about: family.

Photo Courtesy Marketing & Communications

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