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Springfield College Career Center to Host Major Fair

Students coming into college are told to make a decision.

Pat Kenney
Managing Editor





Students coming into college are told to make a decision.

The decision they make will impact their college careers and possibly the rest of their lives. As juniors in high school, students have to start thinking about what they want to be when they grow up.

As the college application process becomes a reality for most high schoolers, so does the thought of choosing a major. That is a lot of pressure to put on the shoulders of 17 and 18 year olds.

For some, the decisions are made more easily than others, but what about those who choose to enter college undeclared or as an exploratory student? What about the students who choose a major but know it’s the wrong one or absolutely hate it?

The Springfield College Career Center took those questions into consideration and established a way for students to look into majors. On Tuesday October 14, the Career Center will be hosting their annual Majors Fair.

“The Majors Fair gives students the opportunity to learn about each major and career that they are interested in directly from the professors,” stated Michael Hill, the Associate Director of the Career Center.

With all majors on campus represented, the Majors Fair allows students to dig deeper into a major they are interested in and learn about what it will take to graduate with their desired degree.

“We want our students to have the ability to make informed academic decisions,” Hill continued. “[The fair] is placed before students pick their classes for next semester so they can have a plan and work with what they want.”

Exploring opportunities at Springfield College is the big focus for the Majors Fair. Hill went on to say that he sits down with juniors and seniors who are unhappy with their majors but it’s already too late.

The Majors Fair gives new and old students an outlet to understand what they want to make a career out of and where they want to end up after their years at Springfield.

“I selected a major based on interest, which is only one element of the process. You also have to stop and reflect academically and think about what career opportunities are you going to have after college,” said Hill. “A lot of students do not get that far, and in many ways, that helped lead me to doing what I do today.”

Having to make a decision that will affect the rest of our lives can be very nerve-racking; however, the Career Center, through the existence of the Majors Fair, wants to make sure that Springfield College students continue on after graduation without second guessing their decisions.

The Majors Fair will take place in the Dodge Ballroom on the second floor of the Richard B. Flynn Campus Union at noon on Tuesday, October 14.

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