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Springfield College Dance Team Hits Center Stage

Ben Ryan
Staff Writer

Springfield College is known for being an athletic-oriented school on all levels. From all the varsity sports to the intramural teams, the college is all about athletics. However, there are club sports that seem to be forgotten about quite often. One of these sports happens to be very successful and thrilling to attend.

The Pride Dance Team.

Since being founded in 2011, the Springfield College dance team has brought a whole new style to the definition of sport, and just like every other sport on campus, they practice several times a week. While they began performing at halftime events of home games, the Pride have upped their game by competing on the Regional level categorized under the Universal Dance Association.

Aside from performing under the bright lights of Regional competitions, every year the Pride Dance team performs under the beaming lights of the Fuller Arts Center for an annual Showcase performance. This is where the Dance performs some of the routines they’ve been working on this past semester.

Dancing is not only a sport; it’s an art. The art of making music seem much more compassionate than it is by choreographing the right dances in one of the most beautiful things one will ever witness. All the hard work during practice and tech week is paid off during the performances.

“We practice four times a week so we’re really, really busy. It’s a big reason as to why we want to have a showcase so people can see what we’re putting all of our time and effort into,” Senior Captain Maggie O’Rourke said.

At the Fuller Arts Center the Pride Dance Team will put on 12 dances and different routines, including two guest performers.

“Each year we challenge ourselves more than we did in the past year, so we’re kind of used to learning a dance and cleaning it in a week,” O’Rourke said. “It’s new to us this year because we’re used to a little more time but since we’ve wanted to become bigger and better we have to push it out.”

Unlike the Home Show that the Springfield College Gymnastics team puts on, the Dance Showcase doesn’t have themes for the entire performance. Instead, they feel as if they should just work to their strengths.

“We tried to have a theme, but it really just turned into one big party. Every dance is going to want people to come up and dance with us,” O’Rourke said.

Which means those who attend need to be ready to move.

“Our viewers can expect to see an amazing group of girls who simply just love to dance. It is only the second day of tech week and the show is already looking amazing. I can’t want to see what the crowd’s reactions are,” Junior Captain Dara Gillis said.

As the popularity and interest in the club is growing, the dance team only wants to expand and have an incredibly bright future. Each year they’ve been a club with Springfield College, they’ve grown unlike any other club.

“Every year we have grown stronger and stronger in the competition world. My hope is that the team will eventually head to nationals down in Orlando. Every year we seem to be taking a step in the right direction to meet that goal,” Gillis said.

With the two-night event just days away, the Pride Dance Team is ready for what is stored ahead for them. The masterful performance will be held in the Fuller Arts Center on Friday, February 5 and Saturday, February 6 at 7p.m.

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