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Springfield College Faculty Vote to Arm Campus Security

Tyler Leahy
Contributing Writer

As the school year comes to a close, the fiery debate surrounding the safety of the Springfield College campus burns on. Muggings, vehicle break-ins and other on-campus acts of crime have splashed onto headlines in recent editions of The Springfield Student. Support from the student body, administration and Public Safety has been heralded, and has indicated that the arming of campus police is seemingly a question of when, not if—but what does the faculty think? Faculty members want their voices to be heard.

Earlier this semester the faculty senate administered an anonymous, faculty-wide survey. Out of 209 potential votes, 62 were received. While this is a small population of the faculty members on campus, the support was overwhelming; 69 percent of voters believe that SC police officers should be armed.

“I think the message is clear that students, administration and faculty are all concerned with Springfield College safety. Now the question really is, when is this going to happen?” said Dr. Tracey Matthews, professor of Exercise Science and Sports Studies. Matthews organized the faculty survey.

The college community has reached a consensus: safety remains a looming problem, and we would like our police officers to bear arms. While the process of arming officers is a process that must be careful and thoughtful, the college community is anxious for a remedy to ongoing fears of danger on campus.

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  1. Was there an option of hiring MORE campus police? If there is a greater presence, more visable, this would secure the campus better than an armed campus policeoffice on the other side of campus if a problem arose. Being armed will help in some situations, but I think more officers stationed around campus would also work.

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