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Springfield College Fall Fest: Sam Jones Stars

Sticky, sweet, and crunchy goods brought them there, but Sam James stole their hearts.

Kirsten McNiece
Staff Writer





Sticky, sweet, and crunchy goods brought them there, but Sam James stole their hearts.

James, from the widely popular television series The Voice, made an appearance last Friday  Oct. 3 at the Springfield College annual Fall Festival and stole the show..

Fall Fest filled the air by the Campus Union with music, kettle corn, apple cider, and candy apples all thanks to Springfield College’s very own Campus Activities Board (CAB).

Despite the chilly weather, a hefty amount of the student body had gathered on the Union Green willing and ready for autumn to take over campus.

Being the first frigid day of fall, everyone was dressed in his or her favorite festive fall boots, scarves, and fancy coats.  Prior to the entertainment, students came to decorate pumpkins on the grass with all types of arts and crafts; naturally, they were gone in a matter of an hour with everyone wanting to decorate their dorms for Halloween.

While the crowd patiently awaited James’ arrival, they admired the tastefully decorated stage that had scarecrows, pumpkins, and haystacks scattered around the towering speakers.

When James finally stepped onto the stage, his backup singers and guitarist right behind him, he beamed with confidence and poise.  You could tell he had done this a million times before but he loved every second of it by the way he smiled like a kid at their first concert.

He stood before the crowd soaking in the atmosphere and observing each and every one of his fans.  He was short and stocky with a face full of hair. A beanie sat a top his head, which accented the flannel and skinny jeans look. However his favorite accessory seemed to be his guitar.

“I liked this group,” said James with a devious grin on his face.  “You were all so interactive, this was so much fun.”

He had the entire crowd laughing and singing along with him and even got down off the stage at the end of his performance to sing with his admirers.

James insisted the audience swarm around and make the beat for him to play along to with out feet and claps.

“I don’t like to sing or dance, but Sam brought out that side of me tonight,” Kim Postler, freshman at Springfield College stated.

It was a brilliant night to say the least and a great way to kick off the autumn fever!

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