Springfield College Field Hockey team shares favorite adrenaline-boosting music

By Ali Izzi

New/Features Editor

Photo Courtesy of Ali Izzi

During the 2016 Rio Olympic games, Michael Phelps went viral, as usual, but this time he was posted all over social media with a face that looks as though he is summoning the darkest of demons from the underworld and preparing to send them across the entire country of Brazil, while he was listening to his pre-swim playlist. Though not exactly attractive, it made for a hearty laugh. Fans can only wonder what music Phelps could possibly have been listening to for such a facial expression to surface.

Here at Springfield College, it’s not often players are seen depicting satanic rituals on their faces, but maybe that’s because they’re rarely seen listening to their “pump-up” music. As the start of a weekly series, we thought, “why not find out what really goes through a Springfield College athlete’s headphones before a game?”

This week, the series debut begins with the Field Hockey team. Sixteen players took a survey where they tallied off which was their favorite music genre to listen to before a game: pop, rap, country, rock and roll, metal or other, a category for those whose genre wasn’t listed or has a mix. Rap won the poll by winning more than 50 percent of the votes, and based on its popularity rates nationwide, that seemed likely. Pop came in second, and only one player each chose either country or rock and roll. Poor metal had no takers, but with plenty of teams left to survey it has hope.

Take a look at the chart for some exact numbers, and come back for a look next week at which team will be next.

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