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Springfield College fullback Jordan Wilcox is rushing into the record books this season

Christian Ginisi

Family, faith, and football.

This is how senior running back Jordan Wilcox categorizes his priorities. What looks to be a magical start for the Springfield College football team, it would be hard not to recognize the impact Wilcox has had on the team. Not only is Wilcox sprinting into the end zone on the gridiron, he is also rushing into the record books.

With seven games left in the season, Wilcox stands 628 yards away from the all-time Springfield College rushing record. As it stands now, he is averaging 159.3 yards per game and, and will need to average just 89.7 yards per game to break the record.

What has been his motivation?

“Luke Bradley has been a huge inspiration to me, to see his smile when we cross that goal-line is every bit of motivation I need,” said Wilcox. Bradley was diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2011. In association with Team IMPACT, he often serves as the honorary captain for the football team. With the drive to make Bradley smile, Wilcox will surely give it his all every game.

After a season filled with injuries, Wilcox remembers who his biggest supporter through it all – his dad.

“At a young age, my dad pushed me to do better and don’t settle for just enough, and now here I am with one of the best teams we’ve had here since I have been in this program,” he said.

From leader on the field, to his off-field actions Wilcox never fails to impress the coaches. Head Coach Mike Cerasuolo knows how it is to have a leader like Wilcox on the team first hand.

“He is one of the first guys in the locker room, the gym, and even on the field, but also one of the last people to leave. His best quality about him is his leadership,” said football head coach Cerasuolo.

Coming off an eye-opening 469-yard performance on the ground vs Mount Ida, Springfield’s run game has been on top of the NEWMAC conference.

“Our offensive line doesn’t get enough credit, because without them our run game wouldn’t be what it is,” said Wilcox in regard to the team’s rushing success. Spending time with the team everyday has also helped Wilcox mentally.

Wilcox loves his family back home, but when he comes onto Springfield College’s campus, his family is the football team. He knows the importance of what a team means.

“We eat together, we win together, we lose together, and we fight together.”

Time will tell for the Springfield football team, but one thing is for sure, the Pride have a special player running the ball for them.

He’s not flashy, he’s not selfish, and he doesn’t put himself before the team .Rather he is humble, prepared, and ready to take to Stagg Field whenever.

Springfield’s next game is Saturday, 2:30 PM vs WPI. Last year, Wilcox didn’t have much success against WPI’s defense rushing for only 51 yards on 16 carries. With the recent success of the star studded running back, it sets up for an interesting game –  that can get him closer to the record, and get his team closer to the championship.

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