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Springfield College gymnastics hosts 110th annual homeshow exhibition

Ty Coney

SPRINGFIELD — Over the weekend, the Springfield College Men’s and Women’s Gymnastics teams held their annual Homeshow at the Blake Arena and it was quite the production.

The gymnastics team hosts an annual home show in which it shows off its fabulous performers in the forms of various skits and dance numbers showcasing all they can do on the various gymnastics events.

From Superman on the rings to the Scooby gang hunting down a mystery. There was something for everyone in this year’s homeshow.

A fan favorite of course was the work of having the gymnastics players suspend themselves using a curtain, a ring, a hammock and a rope, as they put on a number that resembled a zombie apocalypse with the performers slowly falling down into the horde one by one from their suspended places.

Blake Arena was packed as the gymnastics teams put on their show as there were many great individuals in the audience. Many of the Springfield College Board of Trustees were in attendance as well as former president, Richard B. Flynn.

The show also interacted with the humanics philosophy as the show supported Catie’s Closet.

Catie’s Closet is a nonprofit organization that supports young students who are impoverished and less fortunate. Through donating clothes and other necessities kids need, Catie’s Closet helps kids have clothes that they want to wear giving them confidence in their lives and in the classroom.

As well as supporting Catie’s closet, a moment of silence was held at the beginning of the show to honor Connor Neshe, a Springfield College tennis player, who passed away the weekend before the show.

The show, of course, was run by the Springfield college gymnastics teams and their head coaches, men’s coach Matt Davis, and women’s coach Jenn Najuch.

Head Women’s Gymnastics Coach Jenn Najuch said the Halloween theme allowed for a welcomed freedom in choreographing the show.

“I think with the Halloween theme is was really easy to do a variety of things and spark everyone’s interest from here and there, and then obviously both the Men’s and Women’s gymnastics teams are very talented which led to the show having many fun displays of good gymnastics, so I hope it was fun to watch.”

Featured photo courtesy Josh Alvarado

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