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Springfield College Helps Youth Say Yes to College

Gabby DeMarchi
News Editor

It is no secret that Springfield College cares greatly and has tried their best to do as much as possible for the greater Springfield community. Between Humanics in Action Day and the other projects different SC groups put together, the school has always been a fixture in the community.

This past Friday the school participated in the kick-off of the weekend-long event, College? Yes! Pep rally that was held downtown at City Hall.

According to the Springfield Parent Academy website, which put on the event, “College? Yes! is a city-wide effort to inspire and support higher education aspirations for Springfield families so that attending and graduating college becomes a realistic and attainable goal for all of our students and adults.”

In attendance were Springfield families, college students, AmeriCorps members, teachers, students, college presidents, the superintendent and the mayor himself, Domenic J. Sarno. Different members spoke and encouraged the Springfield youth that going to college is possible and very attainable for all.

SC senior Keri Cecilia was in attendance, representing the school and answering questions about college from Springfield public school eighth-graders.

“A lot of the students were really interested in Springfield College, which was great to see,” Cecilia explained. “I was so glad to be able to provide them with information about our college.”

Cecilia answered questions such as, “How many classes do you take in college?”, “What is your major and what can you do with it?” and “How much does college cost?”

Cecilia answered the questions based on her own personal experience and also incorporated the Humanics philosophy of SC so that the students could understand what the school is all about.

Springfield College President Richard B. Flynn was also in attendance at the pep rally, where he helped raise college awareness and represented SC accordingly.

“None of the presidents had a chance to speak, but their appearance was another way to show the youth and families of Springfield that they are another support system for them to attend college,” Cecilia said. “President Flynn did a great job as always interacting with the students there [and] especially the students from one of our partner schools, Brookings Elementary.”

The pep rally on Friday was just the kick-off event of a weekend filled with activities. On Saturday and Sunday different faith-based and recreational activities were held for all the students and youth involved.

While Springfield only participated in the pep rally, the rest of the weekend positively reiterated the key points that were brought up during the rally.

“The overall message of the pep rally was that college is attainable for everyone, and that there are people there to support them and help them obtain a higher education,” said Cecilia. “It was also to get them excited about their future and the endless possibilities that they have.”

To further promote their College? Yes! Campaign, the Springfield Parent Academy will be holding different classes and workshops for students who need guidance in completing a college application, applying for FAFSA and how to write a college essay.

To learn more about these classes and other initiatives the Springfield Parent Academy is trying to do, visit their website at





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