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Springfield College men’s basketball notebook: Heath Post poised for big season, walk-on to watch, and battle for the final spot.

Gage Nutter


Sophomore Heath Post bursted onto the scene last season. He averaged 9.9 points per game and 7.7 rebounds per game on the year. Early signs show that he is ready to match and even improve on his freshman campaign. Post shot 22 for 25 in a mid-range shooting drill during the tryout and scored on an acrobatic 360 layup during a full court drill. If Post continues to play lockdown defense and consistently puts away mid-range shots like he did at practice, he is bound to have an even bigger season than last year. 


Twenty players participated in the tryout on Sunday morning. The final roster is projected to consist of 12 players. If it’s assumed that recruited freshmen and players that were on the team last year make the team, then there is only one spot left for a walk-on. A spot that is being fought over by seven different players. After one tryout, there are a few who stand out at the top, but only one can make the final cut. The situation should be an interesting one to follow as the tryouts move on through next week.


Freshman guard Ryan Millikin was one of the biggest walk-on standouts throughout the tryout. During the 5-on-5 section of the tryout, Millikin played fantastic defense and picked up a couple of steals. On the offensive end, he wasn’t afraid to take it to the rim and attack bigger defenders. Towards the end of the two-hour tryout, the team ran a full court weave drill and he did not seem fatigued. It is going to be a tough decision for Brock and co. to make when it comes down to the final roster. But expect Millikin to be in the fight for one of the final spots.


Freshman recruit Kendall Baldwin did not participate in the team’s opening tryout due to a hamstring injury, but his absence was was merely a precaution. He is expected to get back on the floor in the next few days.

Junior guard Avalon McLaren is expected to miss the entire season with a torn ACL. McLaren injured the ligament while playing basketball over the summer. Although he will not participate this season, he stopped by at the end of the tryout to greet his teammates.


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