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Springfield College men’s basketball notebook: The final roster is announced, Jacobson shines, the McNulty-Ross connection.

Mateo Aycardi

Final roster announced

After some tough deliberations, coach Charlie Brock and his staff have decided on the final roster that will make up the 2017 team.

The final roster: Andy McNulty, Brandon Eckles, Trey Witter, Jake Ross, Cam Earle, Ben Diamond, Heath Post, Kevin Durkin, Kendall Baldwin, Ryan Millikin, Charlie Clay, Deonte Sandifer, and Richard Jacobson.

The 13 players that the Pride will carry this year is one more player than the 12 that the team carried last year.

Player Spotlight: Richard Jacobson

Jacobson was one of the most energetic ball handlers on the court on Tuesday, showing fantastic hustle on both sides of the court, even though his shot wasn’t falling in initial drills. During one of the transitional drills where a 3-on-2 situation was taking place, Jacobson took charge on the defensive end by deflecting a pass and orchestrated the fast break with great speed and control.

Shooting-wise, Jacobson struggled early, but later showed a promising midrange game which he should make a focus in future practices.

The next step for Jacobson could be to get consistent shooting from the corners, where he showed some familiarity in a 5-on-5 drill later on in practice.

Dynamic Duo: Andy McNulty and Jake Ross

Day three brought out some of the best in McNulty, as he continued to be one of the most vocal players on the team. As the returning floor general, McNulty constantly barked out defensive assignments and played with a sense of urgency while also having a very solid night shooting the ball.

As for Jake Ross, he seems to be the star that keeps on shining. His presence was most prominent later in the day when a defensive-oriented drill brought out the best of him defensively. He had numerous steals and consistently bothered ball movement in that drill. Offensively, Ross was exceptional shooting off the dribble, and also shined bright when driving to the basket when he stayed in control.

Injury Report

Deonte Sandifer suffered a small ankle injury early in practice which kept him out of the majority of the second half of day three. Sandifer is expected to be okay and resume basketball activities soon.

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