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Springfield College Men’s Tennis Successful on Spring Break Trip

Gage Nutter
Staff Writer

Men's tennis spring break
Photo courtesy of Springfield College Athletics.

The Men’s Tennis team took a trip to Orlando, Fla. over spring break to play against Earlham College, Wisconsin-La Crosse, Hamilton College, and Scranton College. They landed back in Massachusetts having won three of its games over the trip to get their season off to a good start with a record of 3-1.

Junior captain Tanner DeVarennes is more than happy to start the season on such a good note.

“I think starting so well over spring break is great motivation for the rest of the season,” said DeVarennes. “We hope to keep the intensity up throughout as we enter this conference season. That feeling of winning really just motivates all 14 guys to push harder every day in practice.”

Head coach Chad Stoloff was of course happy with the team’s performance in the wins column, but there was something else that he was also happy to see.

“What impressed me the most was our energy up and down the line,” said Stoloff. “Everyone was contributing, not just the people that played in the lineup. We had guys taking stats that were mentally engaged throughout, as well as everyone cheering on their teammates. Everyone felt like they could contribute and that is just great to see.”

It was a successful trip to say the least. However, there is always something that can be worked on.

“Something we have to work on is just continuing to grind and not let up,” said junior captain Justin Danielewicz. “It is something we talk about in practice. We just have to be prepared for the pressure situations that happen in matches and how to deal with them.”

DeVarennes was quick to agree.

“Let’s say we lose the first set or the first couple of games, we can’t get down on ourselves,” said DeVarennes. “We have to push ourselves that much harder to get the extra ball and win the next set, because we will need that experience later in the season in the high pressure situations.”

The trip definitely had its high points, but everyone had their own personal favorite moment.

“Tanner (DeVarennes) and I were the last match for doubles, whoever won that won the match,” said Danielewicz. “We were losing 7-8 until we forced a tiebreak. Tanner and I ended up winning and that really set the tone for the rest of the trip. It may have been the best match I’ve ever been a part of.”

DeVarennes expressed that the match was definitely one of the higher points, but there was another aspect of the trip that he also enjoyed.

“My favorite part was just living in the house with the guys and becoming a strong unit,” said DeVarennes. “We know we are strong on the court, but it was great to be cohesive off the court as well. It’s just going to make us that harder to beat when those tough conference matches come along.”

Stoloff expressed that he was happy to have everyone on the same page.

“During school time someone is always having to come straight from class or go to a class,” said Stoloff. “Whereas on spring break everyone is focused on playing tennis and getting to hang out and bond with one another.”

The team looks to add on to their impressive start against American International College on April 4.

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