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Springfield College Residence Life Gets New Associate Director, Dillon Beckford

Dillon Beckford is a new face on the campus of Springfield College. He is serving as the Associate Director of Residence Life. (Photo courtesy
Dillon Beckford is a new face on the campus of Springfield College. He is serving as the Associate Director of Residence Life. (Photo courtesy

Tyler Leahy
Staff Writer

New Associate Director of Residence Life Dillon Beckford has traveled far and wide, living a life dedicated to serving others. With his arrival on campus at Springfield College, Beckford bears a commitment to making a difference in the lives of students.

Beckford came to the United States from his home in St. Mary, Jamaica with the hope of attending college. In 1992, he joined the military in order to finance his dream.

“I joined the military, and at the same time I would take classes. When I came out of the military I basically had finished my degree,” explained Beckford.

Serving others was a passion Beckford first realized as a member of the United States Army. His role working in logistics as part of a military vehicle maintenance unit displayed his passion. Beckford assisted new service people in their transition and was also in charge of the housing assignments.

While serving his first stint of duty in Uijeongbu, Korea, he was reminded of his childhood in Jamaica by the land and way of life. It was in his childhood that Beckford’s fervent nature was developed.

Noting his loving family and community, Beckford reminisces of Jamaica: “There was always love. There was always support. The idea was to get an education, be a servant to others, and help each other out.”

Beckford finished his first degree, a bachelor of business administration in organizational management from Langston University, where he studied after completing his final stint of service at Fort Sill in nearby Lawton, Okla.. He would then attend grad school at Central State University in Ohio, earning a Master of Education in Education Leadership and certification in Middle School Education.

Here at SC, Beckford hopes to further culminate his craft of working with students through Residence Life – just as he did at Stony Brook University, his previous employer.

“I love working with students. Especially with first-generation college students, with parents who have never attended college,” emphasizes Beckford earnestly, adding, “I like working with those kids and telling them, ‘Anything you set your mind to, you can do it.’ I love that face to face interpersonal conversation.”

While Beckford’s adventurous attitude has brought him across the country – and across the world – Beckford sees a bright future here on campus. He attributes coming to SC to the family atmosphere and the sense of belonging within the Residence Life staff.

As Associate Director of Residence Life, he will work closely to ensure that dorm-related operations run smoothly, including important tasks such as work orders, room draws and housing assignments.

Beckford can currently be found working diligently on projects such as coordinating renovations to the bathrooms in Alumni Hall and developing a cohesive brochure for senior room draw.

“Dillon is a sincere, personable individual that seeks to improve the quality of life for students,” said Tarome Alford, director of Housing & Residence Life.
With his welcoming smile and an abundance of determination, expect Beckford to make a heartfelt impact as a staff member, mentor and member of the Springfield College community.

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