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Springfield College Security Guard Shot, Robbed While Walking to Work

Gabby DeMarchi
Editor in Chief

At 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday night, a Springfield College security guard was shot in the leg and robbed while walking to work on Hickory Street. Four individuals were arrested and charged with armed robbery and an attempt to commit murder.

“He [Springfield College security guard] walks back and forth to work every day for his midnight to eight [shift] in lot 15,” explained Chief of Campus Safety Judy Jackson.

The four individuals, three males and one female, approached the guard Bobby (last name was asked to be omitted) when they saw him walking near the intersection of Hickory Street and Eastern Avenue.

The suspects then proceeded to get out of their red Dodge Durango and demanded Bobby’s money and lunch bag. Bobby refused, and was then shot in the thigh.

“The bullet broke his femur, and he’s now having a rod placed in his leg,” Jackson said.

After Bobby had been shot, he proceeded to call Springfield College Campus Safety.

“He calls this department [Campus Safety] as he’s [lying] on the street bleeding,” described Jackson. “My officers respond. They get there. They administrate first aide. Springfield [Police Department] arrives and he is able to give a description of the vehicle and the plate, and within a half an hour, they [Springfield Police Department] have them.”

Prior to the four individuals attacking Bobby, the suspects had robbed Summit Package Store on Pine Street. The four made it out with a bag of groceries including potato chips and chocolate and strawberry milk.

“All they got out of that was when they grabbed one of the bags, all they got [were] groceries. So they weren’t having a very good night to start with,” Jackson said with a chuckle.

Since earlier in the night the store owner and employee of the Summit Package Store reported the same four individuals to the Springfield Police Department after they were robbed, once Bobby described the four that robbed him, the police immediately made the connection, and within a half an hour, the individuals were found and arrested.

“The best part was that they were apprehended in such a short period of time,” said Jackson.

Currently Bobby is waiting for surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.

While this event did occur to a Springfield College employee, and it happened very close to the actual campus itself, both Jackson and the Springfield College administration would like to reiterate that Springfield College is a safe campus.

Earlier in the day, Springfield College Marketing and Communications Department released a statement saying, “We continue to believe Springfield College is a safe campus. The incident is an unfortunate reminder that crimes can and do occur. It is helpful to remember that there are measures we can and should take to increase our level of personal safety. Whenever possible, travel with others, especially after dark. If you see suspicious activity, on campus or off, immediately call 911.”

“They’re not picking on Springfield College students. They’re picking on anybody,” Jackson restated. “This is not an unsafe campus. It is an unsafe world that we live in.”

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