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Springfield College Student Government Association Pursues Goals To Improve Campus Life

Jill Campbell

Assistant News Editor

Government, in the most ideal sense of the word, acts as the voice of the people. They are the representatives of the masses and bring to light the issues that are important to them.

A college campus should be a place where students feel they are being heard. Decisions made by administration affect the daily lives of the student body, though there can sometimes be miscommunications about what students are actually looking for. For this reason, we have a student government.

At Springfield College, the Student Government Association (SGA) is made up of people who are looking to act as a liaison between the administration and the student population. They discuss and approve funding for student organizations, adopt policies, and deal with a variety of things that are happening around campus.

There are eight student representatives in the SGA cabinet: President Kyle Andolina, Vice President of Student Affairs Sydney Fournier, Vice President of Academic Affairs Dara Gillis, Vice President of Financial Operations Blaine Rogers, Vice President of Inclusion and Community Engagement Deja Ware, Vice President of Campus Operations Natalie Waechter, and Co-Senate Speakers Lauren Buckley and Meagan Roubichaud. The students are advised by Graduate Advisor Nicole Breen and Faculty Advisor Annie Warchol.

Being students themselves, the SGA is tuned into the talk among their peers and can use that information to enhance daily life and ensure that people are being heard. They have the ability to recognize what can be improved upon and the position to relay those needs to the administrative staff.

For example, the wireless network around the Springfield campus has been especially lackluster as of late. It is something that has caused a serious deficit to students, making it difficult to access necessary information such as email accounts and online homework assignments. Also in the category of technological issues was the malware virus that was circulating through the school email system.

The student representatives of the SGA were affected by this problem just as much as anyone else on campus, so they made sure it was brought to the attention of administrative staff.

For issues that are more of a long-term fix, the student government aims to educate the student body on how to deal with those issues.

“There are a lot of things that students assume are easy fixes that are out of the control of Springfield College, and our job is to help educate the students and point them to the right resources,” said Student Government Association President Kyle Andolina.

However, student government is not an asset that everyone at Springfield College is aware of. Students may be hesitant to bring their issues straight to administration, which is where SGA can be a valuable resource.

“We want people to recognize our association as one that can help them when they need something,” said Andolina. “Instead of seeking someone of higher power and maybe not getting the answers they want right away, we want them to know that they can come to us since we have these relationships developed already.”

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