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Springfield College students travel to NYC for an evening of alumni networking

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by Kevin Gaiss

Staff Writer

Finishing up college can be a daunting thing. It is the transition in every adult’s life where they no longer have more school to look to. They must now look toward a job and find a place to go for an undisclosed amount of time. It is time for them to officially bear the full weight of being an adult.

But with so many graduates in the same position, the competition can be fierce. That why it is essential to be prepared when graduation rolls around. There has to be something to help students make this transition with ease and give them opportunities that other students may not have.

At Springfield College, the alumni take the idea of networking to another level. On Nov. 3, students of the college were able to put the idea into practice in Manhattan, NY and gain a leg up on other graduating students across the country.

The Westside YMCA in New York City played host to about fifty students and twenty alumni who had no other purpose than to network. Networking is setting up a group of people to use as references and to use as springboards into getting jobs in the field that you desire.

With an array of different alumni coming in ranging from occupational therapists to sports managers to event coordinators, there were some alumni there for every student to work with and gain a better understanding of the field in which they are planning to enter.

Maria Crawford, an Assistant Director in the Alumni Relations office, gave high praise to the event and all that it did for the students involved.

“It’s all about networking, so what whatever networking you can do, whether its on campus or during one of these on the road programs, it’s only going to help you when you go forth,” she said. “So if we do more networking programs than college ‘xyz’ then I would say these students definitely have the advantage.”

When looking to network there are so many different methods but one of the most important things according to Crawford is to “cast your net wide.” That could mean being a sports management major but getting to know finance majors that have a job in the sports industry. There is no limit to references and the ability to have the most possible is the best advice anyone could give.

Students at Springfield College can also look forward to have the opportunity to network right on campus on March 30 when another large alumni event comes right to campus to give the rest of the student body practice with networking skills to better prepare them for the job market.

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