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Springfield College theater group prepares to preform “One Slight Hitch”

Graciela Garcia

As another school year slowly comes to an end, the Springfield College theater group is excited to bring their ensemble cast production of  “One Slight Hitch” to campus. This will be the 50th production at Springfield, marking the 25-year anniversary.

The plot is based in the 1980’s. and tells the story of a upper-middle class conservative family. In the middle of it all is the mother, Delia, as who is preparing for the wedding of her eldest daughter, Courtney. But of course, everything goes haywire once an unwanted person from Courtney’s past decides to pay her a visit, and hilarity ensues.

“We felt like we needed to do a comedy,” explains director Martin Shell, as he talks about his inspiration for choosing the play. “This play is one where people are just being foolish, good-natured, have good hearts, but are silly and eccentric.”

The play features both undergraduate and graduate students, some who have been heavily involved with the school’s theater program and others who are new to it.

Shell speaks warmly about the cast, sharing that “they’re having a lot of fun…they play off each other really nicely. It is like other teams around here, where the more you practice and play, the more your instincts for one another come into it and sharpen it up.”

In her second year of graduate school, Resident Director Emily Loy, who plays the role of Delia, reflects on the bittersweet joy of being in her last production at Springfield.

I have three cast-mates that this is our fourth production on campus together, so going to rehearsal is basically getting a chance to spend time with some of my favorite people on campus,” said Loy. “The cast always becomes more like a family to me. It’s truly been an honor to act alongside these amazing individuals.”

Senior David Ryskowi, who plays the ex-boyfriend, also expands on his excitement for the show and how it challenges him to branch out stylistically.

“Every show I’ve performed in has had me learn new styles of acting, from speaking in rhyme to speaking for multiple people at the same time,” Ryskowi said. “[Shell] never fails to keep things fresh and new with his play choice each semester.”

No stranger to the stage, sophomore Nancy Sorokina plays the bride-to-be, Courtney. Sorokina has been involved with Springfield College theater since her freshman year, and shares her hopes on what the audience will take away from this year’s production.

In this play, I believe the message is that when faced with a hard decision, people should choose what satisfies their passion and drive in life instead of playing it safe,” advised Sokorina. “It sounds very cliché, but I believe so often in society people choose what is safe, stable and normal instead of taking risks and doing what brings them joy.”

Thanks to the Campus Activities Board, who helped sponsor the play, students will be able to obtain free tickets to the show. They will be available for pick-up in the Student Activities Office.

“One Slight Hitch” will be performed on April 5-7 at 8 p.m. and April 8 at 3 p.m. in the Fuller Arts Center.


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