Springfield College to host 107th annual Homeshow

Photo courtesy of Springfield College Athletics 

By Ian Carrano

Years of tradition and history have brought people together for this special event. With Springfield College’s HomeShow this year, it will be no different. As the men’s and women’s gymnastics teams prepare to perform for this exciting event, the audience is in for quite the show.

So much talent is involved in this year’s show which is something that will add some excitement.

“You’ll see them go three times their height in flips and stick it”, said Coach Jenifer Najuch, who is entering her second year coaching for Springfield. Multiple balancing and trampoline numbers will add the “jungle gym apparatus” Najuch pointed out.

The adding of more tumbling and flips in this year’s show will also help add the extra excitement the audience wants to see.  These changes will help “continue to enhance this great homecoming tradition” that Coach Stephen Posner described to be crucial to the advancement of this special show.

Appealing to the audience won’t be a problem for this year’s show. With genres ranging from swing to blues, rock to techno, and Broadway to disco, this year’s show “scans a wide audience” according to Posner, who has coached for Springfield for 35 years. A “Battle of the Bands” portion will include “more up to date bands” to appeal to current students that will be in attendance.

Struggles are a part of every aspect of life, and gymnastics is no different. With only 6 weeks to prepare this year, it will be an adjustment for both coaches as well as the athletes.

“It always goes down to the wire”, said Posner who has been through this many years. It still hasn’t gotten any easier, as he explains that there are “so many pieces to it”. Even with all of the struggles involved in the process, team chemistry will be able to keep the team together through adversity.

“It’s a great way to bring the team together”, said Posner. “I’d say the women’s and men’s teams are generally closer, and are closer than any men’s and women’s team since we do the show together”.

Being so close with each other allows both teams to work together to create a very interesting show.

With so many different parts of the show, help is needed from everyone. That is why the help with lighting, special effects, and sound is much appreciated.

“We appreciate the support we got from the college and we need that to put the quality of performance on that we want to do” said Posner.

With the support of Springfield College and the spectators that will be present, Posner has just one thing to say.

“Get the word out, tell everyone to come”.

Sounds like it’s a good idea to make your way to see Home Show this Friday and Saturday night.


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