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Springfield College Track and Field and Cross Country coach Anna Steinman runs The Boston Marathon

Stephen Monahan

The Boston Marathon

When those words are said, everyone has their own experience with the event.

The Boston Marathon draws millions of spectators worldwide every year due to it’s prestige as the oldest annual marathon. This prestige drew the interest of Springfield College Cross Country Head Coach, Anna Steinman.

“Being a distance runner, I was always aware of the history and prestige behind the Boston Marathon and watching the live stream since I was early in my college running career,” said Steinman. “It always looked like a unique experience because it drew so many crowds of people and elite professional runners to the event.”

 Steinman picked up road racing after graduating college and worked her way up from half marathons to running in the New York City Marathon.

“What I love the most is running races in bigger cities with people out supporting every runner because as a runner, you feed off that energy,” said Steinman.

After an injury that kept her out of the 2016 Boston Marathon, Steinman worked her way towards preparing for the 2018 Marathon. She went on to qualify for the marathon despite an injury she sustained the previous winter.

As the time came for the marathon this past Monday, the forecast for the day was less than ideal. With rain and strong winds set to push against runners, Steinman found motivation through the familiar faces that were in the crowd.

“The absolute best part was seeing familiar faces in the crowds – friends, coaches, and of course, a few of our distance student-athletes,” said Steinman. “Knowing that some of our athletes were out there somewhere along the sides of the course, really help motivate me to push through.”

Steinman went on to finish with a time of 3:18.11.

For Steinman, there are important lessons to be taken out of her experiences for the members of the Springfield College Cross Country team.

“I relate this to every aspect of their lives, not just running and competing – this goes for academics and life as well,” said Steinman.  “Not every situation is going to be ideal and you are going to be faced with challenges throughout your life. If you can remember in the back of your mind that you can get through it and give it your all, you will learn so much about yourself.”

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