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Springfield College Union opens new Dunkin’

Graciela Garcia

Dunkin’ has been a huge staple for students on the campus of Springfield College for a long time now. It is many students’ go-to spot to grab a quick coffee or a bite to eat.

However, the old location next to the Bookstore is now gone. The Dunkin’ on campus not only has a brand new location, but a whole new look.

This new and improved Dunkin’ joined Union Station where Burger Studio, Brick Oven Pizza and Subway are located. With brand new televisions, more hired staff to keep things running smoothly and efficiently, and a whole new set up, students are very excited about this change.

Rosanne Captain, the Assistant Vice President of Finance and Administration and also responsible for auxiliary services on campus, gave some insight on what’s new. Captain explains, “In the prior location, there was limited space and product available. With the larger location and the new NEXT Generation model, there are far more options available.”

She also shared what this new construction will add to campus, adding, “Our students want quality and convenience, as well as personalization. They also want variety and change. As with our Learning Commons and other projects, we’ve listened to them and tried to make the new space student centric.”

Since the opening of the new location on Friday, November 30, students have been lining up every day to sneak a peek at its new look and the different drink, food, and pastry options they have.

Grace Berry, a junior, shared how she really enjoys the new improvements, explaining, “I like the new Dunkin’ much better, because it’s a lot more efficient. Having the coffee taps makes the lines go by so much quicker than before. I feel like once everyone is all settled in at the new location, it will be great.”

Kathryn Nafis, a junior, also shared her thoughts on how things have been running so far, expressing, “I usually only stop by out of convenience, but I already find it easier. The new Dunkin’ has sped things up considerably, and that’s with everyone still learning their way around.”

Nafis added, “I really appreciate that I am already spending less time waiting, and [I] hope that having something more up to date makes it easier for everyone working there. I am interested in seeing how the new location handles the larger crowds, but so far it seems to be working really well.”

Not only has the change gone over well with students, but employees have also shown a liking to what’s new. Derrick Gordon gave his take on how the new-look Dunkin has been operating.

“It’s an upgrade from the old Dunkin Donuts, it’s in a better spot and it’s brand new.” he said. “The new machines, they upgraded them, so you don’t have to do as much work.”

Students around Springfield College’s campus can now find an easy, central place for everything that they need from drinks to food at Union Station. Dunkin’s hours are Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. and 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. on the weekends.

Photo courtesy of AP News

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