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Springfield College Veterans Committee Supports Those Who Serve

Tyler Leahy
Staff Writer

Military veterans are recognized as national heroes for their indomitable services in protecting our rights as citizens of the United States. Here at Springfield College, our honorable service people will have a much-deserved place of meeting.

This fall marks the inaugural semester for the Springfield College Veterans Committee. The committee’s first session took place in the Dodge Ballroom on Wednesday, September 11 – the 12th anniversary of a somber date in our country’s history.

College community members of service and those who are connected to people of service are welcomed to join the committee’s future meetings.

“The goal of this organization is to help veterans transition smoothly from life in the service to life here on campus,” explained Barbara Crouss, a committee member.

The transition can be quite daunting, as veterans have endured more life experiences than the average incoming 18-year-old freshman.

By creating a dialogue, Crouss and the Springfield College Veterans Committee hope to recognize and meet the needs of veterans in the campus community.

Crouss, who works in the Business Office here at Springfield College, has been an active voice in pushing for the creation of an organized place for veterans and service-connected people to meet. The cause is very dear to her, as many of her family members are dedicated service people.

Springfield College has an estimated 74 veterans that are part of the community, many of whom also have spouses and children. Our community also has countless others who have service people in their lives.

“Springfield College really appreciates everything veterans have done for us, and appreciate them being here on campus. I think the formation of this group is something that will accentuate Springfield College’s philosophy of spirit, mind and body,” added Crouss.

As Alden Street continues to grow as a warm and welcoming place of education, so should our recognition of the wealth of veterans among us.

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