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Springfield College welcomed back Family Weekend to campus

By Sean Savage

Who would not want the chance to relive their college experience or catch an early glimpse of student life, and everything it has to offer?

Springfield College hosted a family weekend this past weekend: opening the campus to all parents and siblings from near and far.

Once again, attesting to the motto: “Springfield College is home,” where everyone has a sense of belonging.

“It is nice to be able to let families see their kids. So many of them probably have not seen them in several weeks,” first-year student Gabe Carrero’s dad, Jerry, said.

The first night featured bingo, one of the most popular events that Springfield has to offer. What was first a leisure activity, quickly turned competitive – everyone wanted to win.

“Bingo was my favorite event,” Carrero said.

Many people loved bingo because everyone was playing for something. Between a relaxation basket, $100 gift cards, lawn chairs and a hydro flask, all participants had their eyes on a prize.

The next day opened with a family barbecue and live music.

“The food is great, and it leads right into the football game, which is what I am most excited for,” first-year student Fiona Allen’s father said.

According to her dad, Allen is the “guinea pig” for her family. She is the first of her family to attend college. He continued with, “We had to come to see her. It is so nice to be able to spend the weekend with her.”

After the barbecue, the Springfield College men’s football team put on a show. They hosted Husson University, where the Pride won by a whopping 42 points, 49-7.

However, if football was not eye-catching, there was no need to worry. The women’s volleyball team had a game, and both the men’s and women’s soccer and tennis teams competed over the weekend as well.

On top of the sporting events, there was also “Family Fun.” Around campus were various activities ranging from mini golf, laser tag, a bouncy house and more.

“This is what our son is looking forward to the most. It is cool to have stuff catered towards them as well,” Allen’s mom said.

“I like the environment; it feels a lot more open with more people than in the past,” said junior Collin Dagg’s mom. Collin added, “I feel like this year tops all the years for the event. It seems like there are a lot more activities this year. Additionally, there are no more COVID restrictions, which is another bonus.”

To top off what was a fantastic weekend, magician Nick Diffatte performed live. To nobody’s surprise, tickets were sold out.

“Springfield was definitely the right choice. They went above and beyond with this event, and it is clear they do a lot of things like these,” Dagg’s mom said.

The weekend highlighted the importance of family, the tight-knit Springfield community, and enjoying school outside of studying – all while making unforgettable memories.

“They did a great job. There was something for everyone. Between the sporting events, food, family fun, and trivia,” Carrero said. “I heard they have several events like this, and they do a great job on them as well. I am excited to hear and see what the next events bring.”

Photo Courtesy Springfield College

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