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Springfield College women’s lacrosse looking to finish non-conference schedule strong

Lucas Van Deventer
Staff Writer

With a 3-2 record in its first five games of the 2019 season, the Springfield College women’s lacrosse show signs of more excitement to come in the season.

After every game Springfield sees improvement and development for more success. “We started off with some easier games that got us to build our confidence allowing us to work together and then with harder games it has been testing our mental toughness while being able to make improvements,” attacker Kate Sarnacki said

The Pride’s work ethic has been looking positive across the board. The team has had opportunities on goal and are getting the ball down the field effectively, as well as defending their own half of the field.

“In terms of our work ethic, we are continuing to work hard and we’re learning from every game that we play that the biggest thing is to have that continue going into conference play,” head coach Kristen Mullady said.  

The team is understandably looking at every game and assessing what they learned in order to continue to improve.

When Springfield don’t hold up to the standard of their competition they can be beat, as shown in the last two consecutive losses. The Pride’s last game against the nationally ranked Middlebury showed they had a tough time adjusting to their opponent’s powerful attacking abilities. By the end of the game, Middlebury had 29 shots with 16 goals holding Springfield College to five shots and one goal.

Mullady seems to have no concern as to where they are right now in the early part of the season.

“If we can even get two or three things out of the game against Trinity coming up that is going to help us, and playing really strong teams allows us to recognize our weaknesses and strengths,” she said.

The last performances don’t discourage the coach or the players because they have learned from playing difficult teams to take something important away from each game. “We have really analyzed every game that we played, our coaches make sure they hear everyone’s opinions on the team in which we focus on what we need to work on, and as a team we tackle those goals,”Sarnacki said.

Springfield looks at their weaknesses after every game and attempts to turn it into their strengths.
In the games to come, Sarnicki is confident her team will bounce back from the two losses and gain their confidence from before.

“Every game is a learning process and the end goal is being the best we can be by the end of the season and every game we are making improvements that we need to make. It’s just one game at a time,” said Sarnacki.

Springfield has to take what they have been doing well early in the season and focus on fixing those little mistakes to be at the next level of competition.

Now that the team has seen what they are up against in their conference, the Pride can be confident enough to make the sudden changes to avoid being outperformed.

“We’ve had two difficult games under our belt and we have another difficult game coming up but I think we know what we need to do to compete and be the team that we know we can be,” said Sarnacki.

The Pride do not have to be concerned as of right now in their performance seeing that it’s early in the season.

“Being able to adjust to other teams’ style of play and being flexible every step of the way will help when following our game plan,” said Mullady. “Every team plays differently whether it’s attacking down the middle, keeping possession,  or setting up the offense with a quick counter attack needs to be in account for what the Pride read from their competitors immediately in the games to come.”

Next week for Spring Break, the Pride will make it down to Florida to compete against Endicott. The team is in a comfortable position right now, working together and embracing the learning experience the whole way through the season.

Featured photo courtesy Springfield College Athletics

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